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Author Topic: Intelligently Mixing identical stereo left/right to side left/right channels  (Read 180 times)


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This may be something best requested as a new feature, but if anyone knows how to do this using MC32 at the moment, I'd be grateful for advice.

I'm using a multichannel 7.1 audio setup, with JRSS upmixing for all music sources.

This works great, but when the audio track switches from stereo to mono, the expansive soundfield contracts to just the center channel.

I've found that many tracks in my collection are 2-channel mono.

Granted, there's a "move center to front L/R" function, but I don't want to lose my centre channel for regular stereo upmixing.

What I'd like to see is an option that will do 2 things :
1) Upmix genuine 1-channel mono sources to as many channels as I select, up to the maximum currently listed in the Channels function in DSP output, with independent volume reduction applied just to this function, so that the duplication doesn't cause undue volume level raises at the output stage in my environment.

2) Identify 2-channel mono and upmix this in the same manner.

The idea behind this suggestion is to prevent an immersion-break between tracks when playing this type of content, whilst preserving all existing functionality for upmixing to multichannel from genuine stereo sources.


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