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Author Topic: Feature request: List Style between Thumbnails and Album Thumbnails  (Read 170 times)


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I would like to request a new List Style option that is somewhere between the current Thumbnails and Album Thumbnails styles. I would like to create smartlists that sort albums in a particular way (based on a computed field), and display the list as Album Thumbnails but retaining the sort order specified by the smartlist. It seems that the Album Thumbnails style currently adjusts the order, I expect to ensure that each album thumbnail appears only once. That makes sense to me, but isn't always what I want. It would also be useful to have a List Style that behaves like the current Thumbnails style, which does not affect the sort order, but which collapses only adjacent entries which have the same "album". That way, if a user specifies a sort order where all tracks of an album appear adjacent to each other, they will all get collapsed into one thumbnail image, but if the user elects an order where the tracks of an album are not necessarily adjacent, then an album thumbnail might appear multiple times.

This seems somewhat ad hoc. It would probably be better, though more work, to expose the collapsing that the current Album Thumbnails list style performs in the smartlist query language. That way the current behavior could be expressed as an extra `~sort:[Album]` followed by a hypothetical `~list_collapse:[Album]`, and users could then elect to leave out the former sort or do whatever.
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