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Author Topic: Best Wireless Master Volume/Mute Remote for Merging Hapi DAC?  (Read 135 times)


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 I want to get the Merging Hapi DAC to use with my 3.1 system.  , but has anyone devised a wireless handheld remote that will do master volume/mute for this MCH DAC? When I suggested issuing such a handheld device to Merging support, Rune or another person argued that Hapi is targeted to the pro audio market and who prefer wirED remotes. Really? Then why did Merging bother submitting the Hapi to a leading high end consumer audio online newsletter for review?

Instead, Runeís only alternative suggestion was to add the Anubis hardwired interface (> $2K) or opt for the NADAC ($11K!!), rather than the Hapi for thousands less. THAT is their idea of a sensible solution merely for obtaining master volume/mute remote control? Again, Anubis is a wirED box and with tons of features Iíll never need. Iíve received better customer support from Amazon and Walmart.

JRiver will be my Windows player of choice but Iíd rather not use that JRemote app, as my iPhone 7+ is 3Ē too wide and heavy for my small hands to fumble with. A simple master volume/mute wireless remote-like we've had forever with DVD/BD players-can't be asking too much by now. 

Meanwhile, will I lose resolution by using the up/down keys on my wireless keyboard to control the Hapi's master volume via JRiver? If no, then what Windows or other drivers must be installed-AND where-to ensure lossless audio attenuation via keyboard?


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Re: Best Wireless Master Volume/Mute Remote for Merging Hapi DAC?
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2024, 01:31:36 pm »

Assuming you are playing to this device from MC via a DLNA zone, just buy a cheap, small Android phone and you can control the volume and select what to play with any of the remote apps.
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