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Author Topic: Can I play music from a blu-ray player across my network to MC on my iMac?  (Read 87 times)


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I have a Panasonic UB820 blu-ray player on my home network (wired connection).  I would like to play concert blu-rays across my network and into MC32 on my iMac, so I can play the output on a connected music system.

I can see the UB820 in MC as a renderer:  I can select cuts from my library and play them through the UB820 into my home theater:  I want to go in the opposite direction.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

Thank you, in advance, for any assistance you can provide...

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This may not be possible, at least with MC. I recall reading about someone trying to do this via Kodi or VLC (can't remember which) but I would be surprised if this worked with MC itself. Then you'd have to take into consideration the LAN network bandwidth needed to do this in real-time without issues like buffering. I would imagine it'd at least need a 1GB LAN set up, maybe 2.5GB LAN. Maybe depending on size 5GB or 10GB which is nuts to think about. It would be great if this kind of thing worked this way though, it'd remove a need for a HDMI cable.

Honestly the easier (less complicated) solution might be connecting an external USB BD drive and doing it that way directly through MC.

I would love to know if I'm wrong though. With a 10GB LAN this would be something I might be tempted to try at some point, haha.
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