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Author Topic: untitled......  (Read 1440 times)


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« on: December 20, 2002, 08:11:56 am »

I am going to sleep, but want to share something.

I bought a CD of Suede ( a British band ) today from a retail store. The album is "A New Morning"

I have had 2 of their albums before. Their music is telling stories and urban people's feelings. My favourite tracks are "everything will flow" from "Head Music" plus a few tracks from this new CD

There may be something that digital music subscription service cannot replace. There is a program in my Suede audio CD using quick time player to describe the CD's production process plus redirected me to a site where I can listen to a different version of each track in the cd which the band had produced but didn't plug to radio station. Sort of like demo tracks but more than demo because some versions are radically different from the one in the CD ....

It is when we buy physical CDs that we can enjoy such things. Jewel cases, booklet with colors, bonux VCD, interesting internal programs. etc. besides sound quality.

I am not against digital. But just I like collecting real things. Digital is good for discovering artists I have never heard of. So  I will stick to it, but I can't help buying real CDs from stores once I have discovered good artists from digital.

Oh, do you like Crowded House too? They are New Zealand band. Good too.

Good night.

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