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Author Topic: Does DRM = Delayed Response Mouse?  (Read 1808 times)


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Does DRM = Delayed Response Mouse?
« on: November 18, 2003, 12:52:54 am »

 :(  I thought I had a great deal with Napster's $9.95 monthly rate for all I can download. But after importing the songs into my MC library (or playing them in WMP for that matter), the DRM causes a decided delay of 2-3 seconds at the beginning of each song as it checks the song. My mouse gets jumpy/unresponsive and I can see a "System" service in Windows Processes that jumps to 30% or more. During that interval I lose the responsiveness of my Win XP 2GHz P4 system. Very annoying while trying to work. It's not MC (or WMP), whose cpu cycles are higher but don't interfere with my mouse, just this System process that checks the DRM.
    I suspect I have to live with it, but does anyone know of any ways to make the system less stuttering?
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