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Author Topic: Rhapsody UPnP Server / Client  (Read 7113 times)


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Rhapsody UPnP Server / Client
« on: December 25, 2004, 02:06:19 pm »

I know this probably has been discussed in previous posts but I thought I would ask since I am a new Rhapsody user and a long time (starting with MJ7) user.  I have been using the Rhapsody service for about 1 month now and I find this a very good alternative to actually having to store music on my PC unless of course I want to export it to some devices other than my PC.  At my home our PC is our music provider.  I would like to be able to import my Rhapsody favorites into my media library regardless of whether the file is streaming from Rhapsody or is stored on my machine.  The Rhapsody interface is ok but nothing like what I have been used to with MC.  Would be interested in any future enhancements or perhaps other online streaming services that MC will support.


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Re: Rhapsody UPnP Server / Client
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2004, 06:04:24 pm »

You can't listen to your Rhapsody library even though it exists as a file on your computer and the most recently listened-to songs are also on your hard drive. If you'll notice, they don't need to download after having downloaded once. I'm sure this expires at some point.
The reason you can't listen except while running Rhapsody and being connected to the internet is that Rhapsody checks your rights to listen to these songs almost constantly.
You can purchase tracks for $0.49  per track (in addition to you monthly fee)  but they will only burn to a CDR, not download. There is probably a way to emulate a CD burner so you could "burn" to your hard drive but I've never tried.
You CAN, however, use your Rhapsody subscription from any computer that has the Rhapsody application installed and is connected to the internet - even if it's dial-up. The first time you use it, it will take a long time to get started (I think it's a function of the size of your library) but once it does start, the next times are faster.
You can also E-Mail playlists to yourself that will activate Rhapsody as soon as you click on the link that comes with the playlist.
Hope this helps. I've been using Rhapsody for over a year and have no plans to cancel.

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Re: Rhapsody UPnP Server / Client
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2005, 10:45:03 pm »

I think what he may have been asking for is some way to have MC work as a UPnP client to connect to Rhapsody's embedded UPnP server (Options->User Settings...->UPnP).  This would theoretically allow you to play back Rhapsody through MC, though you'd be limited to seeing albums/tracks saved to your library since that's all Rhapsody serves over UPnP...

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