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Author Topic: iPod and MC11.1 -- Quick start instructions  (Read 12774 times)


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iPod and MC11.1 -- Quick start instructions
« on: September 20, 2005, 03:24:18 pm »

These instructions are valid for JRiver Media Center 11.1.  It's a free upgrade for owners of an MC11.0 license, and it has improved support for iPods, including the Nano and the iPod Video.

Using your iPod with MC 11
Play music purchased through iTunes Music Store in MC, and transfer tracks to your iPod

If you prefer to use MC to manage all your music, including tracks purchased through iTunes Music Store, you are in luck. You can add iTunes purchased tracks to the MC Media Library, and sync them, as well as other supported file formats, to your iPod.

iPod quick start
Note: If you have iTunes software on your PC, it may launch automatically when you connect your iPod to the PC, and this can cause problems.  We strongly recommend turning this setting off in the iTunes application by going to Edit > Preferences and then unchecking "Open iTunes when this iPod is attached".

Close iTunes and start the Media Center software on your PC.

Plug your iPod into your computer via the USB or FireWire cables supplied.

Within about 10 seconds, MC will detect the iPod and recognize it as a Handheld Player.  It will ask you to give the iPod a name -- Tina's Video iPod, for example.  You will then have options for syncing, including syncing selected playlists or manual mode.  You can change these later, but try a manual sync first so that you can familiarize yourself with the way things work.

Your iPod should be recognized automatically by MC each time you plug it in.  You can also click on Handheld Player in the Action Window.  An IPod Sync window will apppear.  You can drag and drop files of your choice (as long as the iPod supports them - mp3, tracks purchased via iTunes Store, Audible audiobook files on any iPod, images on the Nano, iPod Photo and iPod Video, and mov video files on the iPod Video) onto the window where it says Drop Files Here.   Unsupported audio files like APE or FLAC or WMA will be converted to MP3 during transfer. 

When you finish adding the files that you want to transfer, press the Transfer button to upload the files to your iPod.  Click on Details if you want to see the list of files (both on the device and in the queue).

Once the transfer is complete, wait 5 seconds and then unplug the iPod. 

Tips and Troubleshooting
When an iPod is connected to MC some iPod-specific options are available under Drives & Devices in MC's tree.  Right click on the iPod icon to view the following options:

[Right Click] Initialize iPod
Warning: This option completely resets your iPod and wipes it clean of any files and Playlists that you have loaded on it.  It should be used if you get persistent and reoccurring error messages or erratic behavior. You may need to use this option if you have been using the iPod with other software and you are having difficulties syncing and transferring files with MC.

Other Handheld options are available for the iPod when you click on Handheld Player (with the iPod attached) in the Action Window. Click on the Tools icon on the top left of the iPod sync window, and select Options...  Here you have several settings to choose from, including configuring transfer options, and the ability to reset any detected devices that MC recognizes.

If you have trouble with your iPod, Apple recommends the following:

[ from ]

"These five steps (known as the five Rs) will conquer most iPod issues.
1. Reset your iPod.
2. Retry with a different USB port.
3. Restart your computer.
4. Reinstall iPod and iTunes software.
     [ JRiver recommends runing the iPod Updater, but not installing iTunes ]
5. Restore your iPod. "
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