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Author Topic: French are near to legalize peer to peer  (Read 1661 times)


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French are near to legalize peer to peer
« on: December 22, 2005, 04:24:57 pm »

Do you hear that?
French are near to legalize peer to peer for music, movie exchange.
The governement was ready to write a law to forbid the peer to peer exchange but some representative of the "Assemblée Nationale" has voted an amendment that legalize the peer to peer with a "global licence" of 5 to 7 euros for the authors upon the ISP bill. And it is an option (no one is obliged to pay).
The minister of culture was so hungry that he decided to revote this amedment in a few days.
I think it is historical. A new cultural exception.
A space of liberty to look and hear at what you want with a fixed price.
A link to the association which fought for this law. In french only.
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