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Author Topic: Expanding Knowleg'  (Read 1030 times)


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Expanding Knowleg'
« on: February 25, 2007, 05:53:55 pm »

Can we post some of the lesser known, discussed, and used features here for examination?  I often find little tid bits and features that are incredibly useful.  Try to be quick, to the point, and avoid off-topic discussion.  Just write in with the tip and instructions if possible.  I'll start with a few of the more obvious ones--that I can think of at this second.

1) In PANE view, select various criteria.  You can clear your selections instantly by clicking "Reset Selection" above the panes.  Really happy when I found this.

2) When viewing a list of items, you can quickly locate an item without utilizing the search feature and changing the list.  Simply click in the column area (on a song) for the criteria you are interested in, such as the artist Metallica.  Then, just start typing Metallica.  MC will jump to the closest entry which STARTS with what you type.  Saves time and lets you keep the same Now Playing list since you don't have to search and play the new results (which replaces Now Playing).

3) Ctrl + F.  Clears the search box and any selected items in the panes.  You can immediately type your search (just jumps to search box).

4) Ctrl + Q.  Quick search.  Nice because it doesn't keep searching if you're a slow typer and creating a complex search query.  It's also a slightly larger search box.

5) In the bottom left under Display, click the upper left button and click Detach Display.  This is an amazing feature!  It can also be set to be always on top.  This makes it very easy to watch a video while working on something else.  I love how it then says the display is here to bring it back.  Excellent feature!

6) Right-click DSP studio.  Preview Mode > Play 30 second preview (from 30 seconds in).  This is a great way to find a certain song.  It also has other options: start from beginning and other durations.

7) Ctrl + Shift + Right.  Jump ahead 30 seconds.
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