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Author Topic: Independent Music  (Read 1482 times)


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Independent Music
« on: January 27, 2008, 05:09:39 pm »

I think MC should focus more on the indie labels. A lot of new, innovative models have hit the music scene this last year. New, upcoming bands, or bands which are very "narrow" gets a chance to find their fans via the Internet.
Unfortunately MC does not pay attention to this part of the Internet any more. Independent music used to be a great deal of MC: Look at audio lunchbox and CD Baby. Both of these stores carry interesting new music, but after these services were added, it has been kind of slow in MC Land.
I think MC needs to be right up there in the very front and integrate MC with these new possibilities. Especially since a lot of the new music sites has open API. IMO Amarok is heading in the right direction. They have integrated both Magnatune and Jamendo. MC should do the same IMO.
Below is quote from a previous post of mine.

Quote from: Pank2002
I stumbled over two services that I though would mix quite well with Media Center.
The first service is Magnatune. It was the first “revolutionary” label. The split the income with the artist, and they were the first to use the now famouspci Radiohead model. When I first head the news about Radiohead I actually though they had signed with Magnatunes. Their API is located here

Another great site is Jamendo. They have lots of great music too. It is a great site. It is a similar model, although it is closer to myspace (at least the way myspace ought to be). I.e. a music network, or platform, in which one can download music and pay if one likes the music. This site is closely integrated into the Creative Commons movement.  Their API should be located here, but when I try to fetch it, I am returned to the front page. One can get music as mp3 or ogg vorbis via p2p (bittorrent and emule). 

If think these services mixes well with other services such as CD Baby, which can also be accessed from within MC. One can find great music both places, and both sites are certainly “nicer” than myspace.

I seem to recall that the founder of Magnatune is featured in the movie Good Copy, Bad Copy — an extraordinary documentary! He might not be, though. . .

Music is life... the rest is details.
Here is a security related website:
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