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Author Topic: Microsoft vs. the Exorcist  (Read 1078 times)


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Microsoft vs. the Exorcist
« on: February 17, 2008, 12:09:39 pm »

I was watching "The Exorcist" last night.  Pretty eerie stuff, although the 1973 visual effects do look a bit primitive.  When I got to the part where young Regan McNiel's head spins around 360 degrees and green vomit flies everywhere I thought, Haven't I seen Steve Ballmer do that?

So my question is, where is that YouTube video where Steve Ballmer's head flies off?  Anyone got a copy of that?  I know it's tough to catch the first time through, it looks like he's just jumping up and down and shouting.  But if you pause the video and then step through it you can see very clearly that Ballmer's head spins completely around.  I think it was in a news conference where one journalist on the left asked him a question, and then another journalist to the extreme left, and then he spoke to somebody on stage behind him, and then a journalist on the right asked him a question and his head kept turning to face him.

Proof of Possession?  Or just business-as-usual at Microsoft.  I wish I could find that video . . .
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