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Author Topic: Performer Media Center build 80  (Read 1427 times)


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Performer Media Center build 80
« on: November 25, 2008, 01:40:54 pm »

PMC 80 (11.25.2008)

1. Fixed: Login not working for new customers.

PMC 79 (11.19.2008)

1. NEW: Internal and server updates.

PMC 78 (11.18.2008)

1. Fixed: CD playback was broken.
2. Fixed: Streaming of store files was broken.
3. Changed: If an artist has no similar artists, 'Artist Radio' now pulls tracks from popular artists within the same genre as the original artist.

PMC 77 (11.17.2008)

1. Fixed: Server update.

PMC 76 (11.13.2008)

1. Fixed: When typing a search into a view with files to filter it down, the album grouping and large icon would not work nicely.
2. Fixed: It was possible to in-place edit in store lists.
3. Optimized: Improved the internal workings of lists that contain columns to improve column sizing performance.
4. Fixed: Auto-sizing of columns could flash or get stuck on small sizes in store lists.
5. Fixed: When loading an artist view, the stack of albums next to recommended tracks could draw jaggered.
6. Changed: Several changes to the favorites menu, mostly cosmetic.
7. Changed: Only one leaf license for all streaming subscription files is acquired, and only on DRM error from playback.
8. Changed: At most one subscription root license per day is acquired.
9. Changed: Home page wording "Videos" changed to "Top Videos".
10. Changed: 100 random videos are displayed when 'Top Videos' is clicked and insufficient popularity info is available.
11. Changed: Better paragraph breaking in AMG bios and reviews.

PMC 75 (11.11.2008)

1. Changed: Text for portable video purchases.
2. Changed: All music videos are now shown if there is not sufficient popularity data in the Medianet catalog.
3. Fixed: Going to artist view, then wiki or google, then picking album link would cause crash.
4. Fixed: Music Video purchases were not showing up in purchase history.
5. Fixed: Store items in the list view were in-place editable. Now they're not.

PMC 74 (11.5.2008)

1. Fixed: Buy link for music videos now shows "Buy Video" rather than "Buy MP3".
2. Fixed: Buy link for music videos now shows "Optimized for portable devices" if that's the case.
3. Fixed: Licensing for purchased music videos.
4. Fixed: Playback of track favorites didn't work between program runs.
5. NEW: Artist / Album links from store web pages can be drag & dropped onto favorites button.
6. NEW: Right click menu in store track list now has 'Add to Favorites'.

PMC 73 (11.4.2008)

1. Fixed: The change logon credentials dialog would fail on a call to get the store information.  (Change billing was probably also broken.)
2. NEW: Store views have "Favorites" button in header. Drag & drop only working for store tracks so far.

PMC 72 (10.31.2008)

1. NEW: "Download Album" link added to album review pages.

PMC 71 (10.29.2008)

1. Fixed: During fast typing, the search suggestion system could get confused.
2. Changed: Updated included database to be built from JRVR production feed.
3. Fixed: The ever expanding logged in user database trimmed appropriately.
4. Fixed: Emailing a new password should work again.

PMC 70 (10.28.2008)

1. Fixed: Better account creation error handling.
John Thompson, JRiver Media Center
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