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Author Topic: Performer Media Center build 101 available here  (Read 1551 times)


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Performer Media Center build 101 available here
« on: April 24, 2009, 01:59:04 pm »

The latest build is available here:

PMC 101 (4.24.2009)

1. Fixed: Purchased mp3 files were failing to transfer to portable because pmc thought they were subscription tracks.
2. Fixed: After de-activating a portable device, a new one couldn't be re-activated until program restarted.
3. Fixed: New privileges did not take effect immediately if a new account was created or if a subscription was upgraded.
4. Changed: Upsell to portable subscription is offered if non-portable subscriber drags sub. tracks to a device.
5. Changed: Subscription tracks are automatically re-licensed if needed during the transfer process.

PMC 100 (4.1.2009)

1. Fixed: Incorrect progress indicator while protected WMA tracks were transferring to a device.
2. Fixed: Some newer tracks could not play sample streams.
3. Changed: Improved how track lists display compilations so they're still grouped as an album, but show individual artists.
4. Changed: Moved beta timeout to the end of August.
5. Changed: Updated included library.

PMC 93 (2.20.2009)

1. Fixed: If you have an existing account and then create a new account, the subscription license would not be downloaded until the next day.

PMC 92 (2.20.2009)

1. Fixed: Transferring subscription files to devices was broken in the previous build.

PMC 88 (2.6.2009)

1. Changed: Improved messaging when logging into an account where credit card billing has failed.
2. Changed: Added more error checking and logging to sign-in to help trouble-shoot system DRM problems.
3. NEW: Improved editorial system for featuring and showing popular, new, etc. albums and artists.
4. Optimized: Many optimizations to improve the performance of store lists.

PMC 86 (1.30.2009)

1. Changed: Improved messaging in the dialog box about activated subscription devices.
2. Optimized: Improved store database format to reduce size and improve speed.
3. Fixed: Checking for updates was not working.
4. NEW: The player can automatically keep the local store catalog up-to-date by downloading changes each week.
5. NEW: Added Theater View.
6. NEW: Added remote control support.

PMC 83 (1.22.2009)

1. Optimized: Improved performance of showing some store views.
2. Optimized: Reduced size of build.
3. Changed: Moved beta timeout to the end of May.
John Thompson, JRiver Media Center
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