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Author Topic: netTALK Launches Low-Cost VoIP TV Solution  (Read 2128 times)


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netTALK Launches Low-Cost VoIP TV Solution
« on: February 21, 2011, 02:54:28 pm »

Back in January I Was looking for a Alternative for my phone service (I was Paying $160 A Month) So I Bought A Magic Jack.

After I Bought The magic jack I found this company "netTALK".

I was getting fed-up with always having a program running on my computer for the phone and the program that comes with the magic jack really sucks. So last week I ordered this device "netTALK". Today I got it from UPS I plugged it in and went on there website and 5 Min's later it was all setup.

I Tested it out and it works just like my T-mobile router did.

At the same time I Dumped My Direct TV Boxes, And Bought A Tivo so i could record over the Air TV (I get like 50 stations counting PBS). I also Get Netflix thru my TiVo, and Soon You Can Get Plus.

Recently This Company "netTALK" announced it will be Launching a Low-Cost VoIP TV Solution, with la carte Channel Selection. This should be avail in the 3rd Qtr of this year.

It seems to me, that DirecTv, Dish Network, All Cable And Phone Companies, Better start getting there personal affairs in order.
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