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Author Topic: Feature Request: Explicit Library Field to File Tag Mapping  (Read 4821 times)


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Feature Request: Explicit Library Field to File Tag Mapping
« on: February 16, 2011, 01:21:38 pm »

First, let me say that MC's tagging support is second to none. Thanks for all the hard work in this area! However, it would be even better if it had the flexibility to explicitly map library fields to file tags.

In Options->Library and Folders->Manage Library Fields there is an option to "Store in file tags (when possible)", unfortunately, there is no way to specify exactly which file tag to save the library field to.

For example, the ID3V2 TENC (Encoded by) frame is used by some online music services and I would like to use it universally to tag where my files have come from. However, there is no way in MC to edit this tag. (I can read it just fine in the Tag action window.)

Some other ID3V2 frames that I've seen used and have no way of editing in MC are PRIV, TFLT, TSO2, TSOA, TSOC. TSOP, TSOT, TSRC, UFID, USER .... Some of these are used by tools like dBPowerAmp and some just come that way from whatever encoder used by online music services.

As far as implementation, this could be an additional field in Manage Library Fields as simple as a text field that allows the user to specify the tag (e.g., TENC) or it could be as complicated as having drop down selection of tags from various standards. For instance, I could select ID3V2 and get a drop down of frames to use.

For default mappings in MC, this would cleanly expose the mappings already in use. Instead of writing a test file by filing in all the tags and seeing what is written, it would be explicit in the dialog.


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Re: Feature Request: Explicit Library Field to File Tag Mapping
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2011, 02:21:17 pm »

These things may look simple, but under the hood they are not.

You must remember that the tagging code is not inside the database engine. The library contains only the library field values. The input plugins are responsible of tag reading and writing. Each tag/file format is tagged with a separate plugin. MC supports five different audio tag formats (ID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis Comments, APE and Windows Media) in nine different file formats. In addition, it supports ID3v2.3 and v2.4, which are different from each other. I think it can also read ID3v2.2.

There can be various issues when the tag mappings are tweaked. I did a quick forum search for ID3v2 and my user name. Here are some of the recent posts:;topicseen#msg405001;topicseen#msg403485;topicseen#msg402673;topicseen#msg400491;topicseen#msg397549;topicseen#msg396731;topicseen#msg396036;topicseen#msg391579;topicseen#msg390578;topicseen#msg379937;topicseen#msg372174;topicseen#msg371211;topicseen#msg366919;topicseen#msg366464;topicseen#msg363047;topicseen#msg362783;topicseen#msg361205

I am pretty sure that JRiver will not develope a complex user configurable tag mapping matrix anytime soon.
For now, your best bet is to request tag additions.
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Re: Feature Request: Explicit Library Field to File Tag Mapping
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2011, 03:06:13 pm »

I was about to request some tag additions so I might as well do it here.
These 6 would be the most important to me and Iím sure to others as well because
they are very common:

TENC    [#TENC Encoded by]
TPE4    [#TPE4 Interpreted, remixed, or otherwise modified by]
TOAL    [#TOAL Original album/movie/show title]
TOLY    [#TOLY Original lyricist(s)/text writer(s)]
TOPE    [#TOPE Original artist(s)/performer(s)]
TIT3    [#TIT3 Subtitle/Description refinement]

Why these 6? Read on if you care.

I like all my information to be stored in tags and not exclusively in the database.

The only existing fields in MC I use are as follows:

The only fields, added by me, that I use are as follows:
-Original artist
-Original lyricist
It would be great if they didn't need added.

I don't use these fields for their intended purposes and the reason for this is compatibility.
The only useful compatibly for me is with Tag&Rename and these are the only fields that work with both programs.
I have tested the same fields with other media players and they are mostly compatible with them as well.
(Some don't show Subtitle, some don't like Original lyricist)
I am extremely happy with MC and its the only media player I use, except to play blu rays,
but regardless of this I am still interested in compatibility.

The limited number of fields I use are just barely enough.
For me it would be useful if the following very common fields could be added to MC:
-Interpreted, remixed, or otherwise modified by
-Original album/movie/show title
If they can be added i can't figure out how.

Others, and myself, may find it useful if this ridiculous amount of fields could appear by default:
(I know many already appear)
The ones with arrows would be most important to myself and im sure to many othrs too since they are very common.

4.20    AENC    [#sec4.20 Audio encryption]
4.15    APIC    [#sec4.15 Attached picture]
4.11    COMM    [#sec4.11 Comments]
4.25    COMR    [#sec4.25 Commercial frame]
4.26    ENCR    [#sec4.26 Encryption method registration]
4.13    EQUA    [#sec4.13 Equalization]
4.6     ETCO    [#sec4.6 Event timing codes]
4.16    GEOB    [#sec4.16 General encapsulated object]
4.27    GRID    [#sec4.27 Group identification registration]
4.4     IPLS    [#sec4.4 Involved people list]
4.21    LINK    [#sec4.21 Linked information]
4.5     MCDI    [#sec4.5 Music CD identifier]
4.7     MLLT    [#sec4.7 MPEG location lookup table]
4.24    OWNE    [#sec4.24 Ownership frame]
4.28    PRIV    [#sec4.28 Private frame]
4.17    PCNT    [#sec4.17 Play counter]
4.18    POPM    [#sec4.18 Popularimeter]
4.22    POSS    [#sec4.22 Position synchronisation frame]
4.19    RBUF    [#sec4.19 Recommended buffer size]
4.12    RVAD    [#sec4.12 Relative volume adjustment]
4.14    RVRB    [#sec4.14 Reverb]
4.10    SYLT    [#sec4.10 Synchronized lyric/text]
4.8     SYTC    [#sec4.8 Synchronized tempo codes]
4.2.1   TALB    [#TALB Album/Movie/Show title]
4.2.1   TBPM    [#TBPM BPM (beats per minute)]
4.2.1   TCOM    [#TCOM Composer]
4.2.1   TCON    [#TCON Content type]
4.2.1   TCOP    [#TCOP Copyright message]
4.2.1   TDAT    [#TDAT Date]
4.2.1   TDLY    [#TDLY Playlist delay]
4.2.1   TENC    [#TENC Encoded by]<-------------------------------------------
4.2.1   TEXT    [#TEXT Lyricist/Text writer]
4.2.1   TFLT    [#TFLT File type]
4.2.1   TIME    [#TIME Time]
4.2.1   TIT1    [#TIT1 Content group description]
4.2.1   TIT2    [#TIT2 Title/songname/content description]
4.2.1   TIT3    [#TIT3 Subtitle/Description refinement]<----------------------
4.2.1   TKEY    [#TKEY Initial key]
4.2.1   TLAN    [#TLAN Language(s)]
4.2.1   TLEN    [#TLEN Length]
4.2.1   TMED    [#TMED Media type]
4.2.1   TOAL    [#TOAL Original album/movie/show title]<----------------------
4.2.1   TOFN    [#TOFN Original filename]
4.2.1   TOLY    [#TOLY Original lyricist(s)/text writer(s)]<------------------
4.2.1   TOPE    [#TOPE Original artist(s)/performer(s)]<----------------------
4.2.1   TORY    [#TORY Original release year]
4.2.1   TOWN    [#TOWN File owner/licensee]
4.2.1   TPE1    [#TPE1 Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)]
4.2.1   TPE2    [#TPE2 Band/orchestra/accompaniment]
4.2.1   TPE3    [#TPE3 Conductor/performer refinement]
4.2.1   TPE4    [#TPE4 Interpreted, remixed, or otherwise modified by]<--------
4.2.1   TPOS    [#TPOS Part of a set]
4.2.1   TPUB    [#TPUB Publisher]
4.2.1   TRCK    [#TRCK Track number/Position in set]
4.2.1   TRDA    [#TRDA Recording dates]
4.2.1   TRSN    [#TRSN Internet radio station name]
4.2.1   TRSO    [#TRSO Internet radio station owner]
4.2.1   TSIZ    [#TSIZ Size]
4.2.1   TSRC    [#TSRC ISRC (international standard recording code)]
4.2.1   TSSE    [#TSEE Software/Hardware and settings used for encoding]
4.2.1   TYER    [#TYER Year]
4.2.2   TXXX    [#TXXX User defined text information frame]
4.1     UFID    [#sec4.1 Unique file identifier]
4.23    USER    [#sec4.23 Terms of use]
4.9     USLT    [#sec4.9 Unsychronized lyric/text transcription]
4.3.1   WCOM    [#WCOM Commercial information]
4.3.1   WCOP    [#WCOP Copyright/Legal information]
4.3.1   WOAF    [#WOAF Official audio file webpage]
4.3.1   WOAR    [#WOAR Official artist/performer webpage]
4.3.1   WOAS    [#WOAS Official audio source webpage]
4.3.1   WORS    [#WORS Official internet radio station homepage]
4.3.1   WPAY    [#WPAY Payment]
4.3.1   WPUB    [#WPUB Publishers official webpage]
4.3.2   WXXX    [#WXXX User defined URL link frame]



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Re: Feature Request: Explicit Library Field to File Tag Mapping
« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2017, 01:32:17 am »

I realize this is (very) old thread, but I don't believe the issues brought up have been resolved.

Is there any way to have MC work properly with the iTunes TSOT/Name Sort tag?
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