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Author Topic: SPDIF/Coaxial surround sound to AV receiver  (Read 4329 times)


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SPDIF/Coaxial surround sound to AV receiver
« on: February 15, 2012, 03:42:35 pm »

Just got a new computer and am running MC15 through an external sound card into a Pioneer AV receiver via coaxial through the SPDIF socket on the sound card.

When I test the sound card through the Windows "Playback Devices", all 5 speakers & subwoofer work perfectly.

However, I cannot get the surround sound to play through the AVR.  It worked fine on the old computer and I'm positive all the settings are the same.  The device in MC is set to the correct sound card and sound is through a digital connection to an AVR. 

I have tried to set the audio decoder to Auto, Spdifer, AC3Filter, ffdshow all to no avail.

I would appreciate any suggestions on what I could try now!  I love MC and just want it to be back to normal on new computer!
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