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Author Topic: Files with accents in filename getting duplicate entries in Library  (Read 1312 times)


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I looked around and didn't see a thread on this - Hope I didn't miss it.  

I am getting duplicate library entries for songs with accents in their filename.  The files on my hard disk are fine - not duplicated and with accents in the right place.  

The duplicate entries sure seem to be linked to the accents - look at the file name field:

- proper entry:
/.../Various Artists - Luaka Bop 10th Anniversary_ Zero Accidents on the Job (Slow Jams)/1 - 08 - Llegué Llegué _ Guararey De Pastorita.mp3

- duplicate:
/.../Various Artists - Luaka Bop 10th Anniversary_ Zero Accidents on the Job (Slow Jams)/1 - 08 - Llegu           Llegu          _ Guararey De Pastorita.mp3

(screenshot attached)

PS - using build 181 on OSX 10.8.1



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I too am seeing a lot of strange behavior with international music.  A lot of my Putumayo CDs are having issues importing.  It's very difficult to manage it all, and find all the errors, dupes, etc.

Any words of advice on this?  Thanks.


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Is it maybe the locale you're using?

I'm on W7 us version with greek locale, and I have a great deal of songs with greek chars as well as others with portuguese of even finnish accents - it all seems to work smoothly, so I'd guess it's related to your setup.

BTW, The only problem I've seen is MC's severe inability to search correctly for "international" chars - looking for "Não" returns all "Nao" occurrences, which is dead wrong - it's almost as if you were searching for "staff" and it returned "stuff". It also affects smartlists etc.
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