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Author Topic: JRiver Media Center for Mac version 18.0.180 Alpha -- Available Here  (Read 3328 times)


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This is an alpha release of Media Center for Mac.  If you aren't comfortable with a few problems, please wait a few weeks.   Please post bugs here.  Please start a new thread for anything requiring discussion.  Non-bug posts will be deleted.


18.0.180 (5/8/2013)

1. Fixed: Tooltips were not showing properly in the last few builds.
2. Fixed: Clicking away from an in-place list edit control would not reliably stop the editing.
3. Fixed: DoP bitstreaming of DSD was not working with some devices.
4. Fixed: Hardware with complex buffer arrangement could crash when playing to only some of the channels.
5. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
6. Changed: Updated Polish translation (thanks Janusz Grzybek).
7. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks Johnny B).

18.0.179 (5/7/2013)

1. Changed: Main windows are no longer marked as 'not opaque' (as this could cause performance issues on some machines).
2. Fixed: The 'Tempo & Pitch' DSP plugin was causing crashes during playback.
3. Fixed: Metadata in languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc. was not displaying correctly - just drawing square boxes.
4. NEW: Added support for play / pause, previous, next, and volume media keys[.
5. Changed: 3GA files are treated like AAC / MP4 audio files, so they can import, play, and tag.
6. Fixed: Using the popup expression editor from an in-place expression editor in options could lead to a crash.
7. Fixed: The mouse controls could become unavailable with certain types of displays in Display View with build 178.

18.0.178 (5/3/2013)

1. Changed: Rounded frame edges (used by many skins) are supported.
2. Fixed: OSX 10.6 would show an extra window border around the main frame.
3. Fixed: The Apple internet reader couldn't seek so wave, aiff and probably other content couldn't be played over media network.
4. Fixed: OSX 10.6 could hide the main window when a child window went away.
5. Fixed: Some parts of the user interface would not respond to the mouse in build 177.

18.0.177 (5/2/2013)

1. Changed: When a modal dialog is shown, the parent behind the popup will be disabled so it can't be clicked and used while the dialog is showing.
2. Changed: Modal dialogs no longer always float above regular windows or windows from other programs.
3. Changed: Options > Audio > Core Audio > Output mode settings... allows some configuration of hardware buffer sizes (please experiment and report results if you're having playback problems).
4. Fixed: When the user interface used system windows, they could incorrectly appear outside the bounds their parent window (like during scrolling the Playing Now > Overview view).
5. Fixed: Tag changes weren't getting saved to files that reside on network drives.
6. Changed: Revised the system window show / hide method to hopefully work better and avoid a few cases where a hidden window could appear.

18.0.176 (5/1/2013)

1. Changed: The 'minimize' button now works.
2. Fixed: Library Server delta (change) merges were not working.
3. Changed: Non-working 3D album view removed from tree.
4. Changed: 'Wait' messages not shown in this build to try to eliminate some random crashes.

18.0.174 (4/25/2013)

1. Fixed: Crash in DSP studio dialog when selecting a sample rate.
2. Fixed: Encoding to ALAC could crash in some cases.
3. Fixed: On the Import wizard, clicking cancel when it recommended not using an empty auto-import folder list would leave the wizard in a strange state.
4. Changed: The program better detects read-only mounts and messages right away when tagging files on these drives (instead of piling up the files in the tagging queue and messaging when closing the program).

18.0.173 (4/25/2013)

1. Fixed: Crashes resulting from named locking not being implemented on Mac, especially when settings changes were made (including in background processing).
2. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
4. SDK: Added ZoneID, ZoneName, and LinkedZones to MCWS/v1/Playback/Info response.
5. NEW: A saved Play Doctor Playchart allows setting the number of output files to 100, 250, 500, or 1000 (previously it was locked at 100).
6. Fixed: When a CUE file pointed to a missing WAV file, it would lead to problems.
7. Fixed: If a DLNA device requested metadata for a file that's no longer in the library (or never was in the library), it could crash.
8. Fixed: CUE files that contained URLs in comments could lead to a crash.
9. Fixed: Horizontal scrolling in the Playing Now > Overview view was not working nicely.
10. Fixed: Long M4A files (over 10 hours) could show as 'Live' or with the wrong or empty duration in the library.

18.0.169 (4/15/2013)

1. NEW: When enabling Media Network, a wizard is shown that steps through starting the server, getting an Access Key, and selecting the best server for your renderer.
2. Changed: Consolidated the list of DLNA server presets and added a preset for Audiophile DACs.
3. Fixed: SSDP discovery (used by DLNA) was not working in some cases in builds 167 and 168.
4. Changed: DLNA options to be more descriptive of what's actually going on.

18.0.168 (4/12/2013)

1. Fixed: Dates in file lists were not taking daylight savings time into account.
2. Fixed: File modified date not getting set properly during tagging, causing auto-update to do more work than necessary.
3. Fixed: SSDP servers were not working properly in 18.0.167 so DLNA devices would not show up.

18.0.167 (4/11/2013)

1. Changed: Unused input and output streams on audio hardware are disabled, helping performance with multi-channel devices.
2. Fixed: Writing of ID3v2 tags that contained extended characters could write an incorrect tag value.

18.0.166 (4/10/2013)

1. Fixed: M4A / ALAC tagging reading and writing could be problematic if the 'Play files from memory' option was enabled.
2. Fixed: When bitstreaming DSD as DoP, the bitstream could fall out of DoP mode on pause or if there was a data shortfall.
3. Changed: Revised buffer filling strategy to always provide a full buffer to devices (more deterministic, and seems to work better with some devices).
4. Fixed: Some hardware could have a clicking sound during playback.
5. Fixed: 'Open URL..' was not working (i.e. radio streams).
6. Fixed: Durations were wrong when playing from Library Servers.

18.0.165 (4/8/2013)

1. Changed: Moved the timeout out a month.
2. Fixed: The core timer object could incorrectly return negative numbers, causing lots of weird problems like an unclickable tree, etc.
3. Changed: Added support for connecting to Library Servers that require authentication.

18.0.164 (4/5/2013)

1. Fixed: The dialog for customizing DLNA views was not working nicely.
2. NEW: The Add Library dialog now supports loading remote Library Server libraries.
3. Fixed: This build should fix a lot of seemingly random crashes caused by a bug in our event handling code.

18.0.163 (4/4/2013)

1. NEW: Auto-import watched folders are now working.

18.0.162 (4/3/2013)

1. Fixed: The program could crash after showing the summary at the end of an auto-import.
2. Changed: Revised buffer management for multi-channel devices that use an array of mono buffers (may solve click issues on these devices).
3. Fixed: Library tree browsing was not working properly with file location categories.

18.0.161 (4/2/2013)

1. Fixed: Tab, shift-Tab, F2, and up/down arrows work for navigating the list while doing tag editing.
2. Fixed: When a tooltip was covering a list item, the item could not be played or modified using the mouse.
3. Fixed: Library views that browse by file path were not working.

18.0.156 (3/25/2013)

1. Fixed: Memory leak with regard to auto-released system objects.
2. Fixed: Memory leak with cleanup of background threads.
3. Fixed: DSP Studio > Room Correction > Channel buttons were not working to switch channels.
4. Fixed: Sub-menu flyouts not hiding after moving to other menu items.
5. Fixed: Newly created smartlists could have a '/' in the name rather than going to the right playlist folder.
6. Faster: Improved user interface drawing efficiency and performance.

18.0.155 (3/22/2013)

1. Changed: Improved messaging when attempting to tag read-only files.
2. Fixed: The File > Open File... dialog was not allowing selection of files.
3. Faster: Improved the core threading engine so that background threads are much less resource intensive.
4. Fixed: Memory playback could work harder than necessary in some cases.

18.0.154 (3/21/2013)

1. Changed: The program now requires a license (after a 30 day free trial).
2. Fixed: Tagging of some formats was not working when the files were on a different volume than the system.
John Thompson, JRiver Media Center


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So far so good in terms of stability and overall functionality.

A 'trait' the app has shown for a long time…

Most of the time, for the very first album being played and on the very first track, the picture, track and album info for that album being played, will show up on the front panel display of the PWDII.

After this 1st track finishes the picture is changed to a generic picture and no more album and track info is shown.  IOW no information is shown at all.

The display does correctly reflect the bit depth and playback speed and file type data, however.

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SSDP failure still happen in this release.  SSDP will fail by itself after running for a while.

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Still getting crashes while tagging.  Sent you (John) a crash log.


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More stable thanks.

Still hashing/stuttering in internet radio streaming (any plans for a fix soon? been there ever since the streaming was enabled)


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Another weird one…

Playing in Media Network mode in 180180. on OSX 10.6.8

Playing many albums.  All are less than 96K files.

I then run a 176 Flac file.  The skipping starts up.  It slowly gets worse.

Then the entire app crashes as I'm listening and in a browser.

Restarts right up but it is now 'stuck' in the 5 second perpetual do loop play mode.

I kill the servers and switch to USB mode.  Player runs fine…

Custom 71A HP amp, Schiit Jggy dac, HD-800-Jmod, AOIP digital data feed, custom wiring and mains power feed, Mac Pro 4cpu 16GB ram SSD's


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installed this today at about 10 am UK

Been running most of the day, playing both FLAC and Apple Lossless.

Rock solid - no memory leak (which I did get in previous versions), no stuttering, no crashes on Apple Lossless.


Using latest OS X and all files played from boot drive (so no usb/firewire or network issues)

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