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Author Topic: Some words of complete gratitude  (Read 1044 times)


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Some words of complete gratitude
« on: August 01, 2013, 02:36:40 am »

Since a number of years i was struggling with my music library.  I had set up a server (Mac mini with small ssd for os X and iTunes, files on a sinology (50K songs, all in Lossless format)) this mini mac served the rest of the house and was directly connected with a Audio Reasearch DAC 8 and so to the rest of my audio.

So far so good, however, being a Mac family we were stuck with itunes, so i had a very complex workflow to keep all the files and tagging under control (XLD - Jaikoz - iTunes).  Other problems i have with iTunes are :

- Not all tags are saved to the file itself but to the iTunes library (the ratings being the main one)
- Airplay is mono stream (everybody in the house needed to listen to the same music, painful if you have a 16yr old daughter)
- iTunes becomes slow with large libraries
- etc

And then i tried JRiver on Mac in Beta what a change !!!!!
This is a great product, it has so much posibilities, incredible.  You guys know how people listen to music
Even in Beta, and with the look and feel of a windows product it beats iTunes any time

a few questions however :

- I've noticed that you can create fields that are linked to say the artist or the album and not to the song.  Great but can you use these in a display somewhere, it would be great to store my notes on albums or artists.
- How about printing reports ?
- publishing collections to a website ?

for the rest i would say keep up the great work !!!! i love it so far, and will surely abandon iTunes completely

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