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Author Topic: Playing lossless and FLAC from same settings?  (Read 1181 times)


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Playing lossless and FLAC from same settings?
« on: October 07, 2013, 08:47:09 am »

Here's my set up. I am using MC19 on my Macbook to play 40,000 files (mostly Apple lossless) on NAS over Wifi to my Denon 3312CI. The Denon plays either Airplay or DLNA.

DLNA seems more stable and less prone to buffering errors than Airplay.

If I play Airplay the Denon shows I am getting PCM at 44.1 for CD files and won't playback Hi-Res FLAC files.
If I use DLNA the with setting set to play files as Original it will play Hi Res FLAC but not the ALAC
If I use DLNA with setting set to Specified Output only when necessary it will play ALAC and the Denon shows I am Getting WAV at 44.1, but also plays back the Hi Res Flac at same settings.

I assume the quality of the Apples lossless is the same as PCM 44.1 or WAV 44.1-please let me know if anyone thinks differently.

So right now the best I think I can do is play DLNA with the player converting ALAC to WAV and manually switching the specified out put to original when I want to hear Hi Res Flac.

Does anybody see a better way?


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