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Author Topic: JRiver Media Center for Mac version 19.0.62 -- Available Here  (Read 1977 times)


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JRiver Media Center for Mac version 19.0.62 -- Available Here
« on: October 25, 2013, 01:18:06 pm »

This is the latest release of Media Center 19 for Mac.  Please post bugs here.  Please start a new thread for anything requiring discussion.  Non-bug posts will be deleted.


19.0.62 (10/25/2013)

1. Changed: Integer mode will work with more hardware.
2. Fixed: Media Network was not working properly.

19.0.60 (10/24/2013)

1. NEW: Added support for integer mode playback ( ).
2. Faster: Improved performance, with JRMark scores are about 40% higher for the database section and 5% higher for the image section.
3. NEW: Real-time 2xDSD output using DoP (configure in DSP Studio > Output Format).
4. Fixed: Dropboxes (in tagging action window for example) would sometimes lose keyboard focus so you couldn't type anything.
5. Fixed: Drop suggestion boxes were drawn without a border.
6. Faster: Core drawing engine uses SSE acceleration for flushing and flood filling (helps performance of all user interface).
7. Faster: Speed improvements to date handling that help performance in many areas of the program.
8. Fixed: Crashes on 10.9 (Mavericks) in Media Network http header handling.
9. Fixed: App signing was not being done right.  Could cause warning message at install time about unrecognized developer ID.
10. Changed: Improved how Options > Audio exposes Core Audio devices to make device selection more clear.

19.0.57 (10/17/2013)

1. Fixed: Ape files with very long paths (> 260 characters) could crash on import.
2. Fixed: Ape format files on read-only drives could not be imported or played.
3. Fixed: Right-to-left reading text (Hebrew for example) was not displayed correctly. Symbols for each word were all bunched on top of each other.
4. Changed: The processor extension requirement has been lowered to SSE2 (added in 2001 to Intel, 2003 to AMD). Previously SSSE3 was required.
5. Fixed: When converting audio to WAV format, the RIFF chunk size could be set wrong by 8 bytes.
6. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).

19.0.55 (10/11/2013)

1. Fixed: Filenames containing combining diacritic marks (German umlauts for example) were displayed incorrectly in file listings and could cause crashes.
2. Changed: Volume up / down commands from hot keys (volume keyboard buttons, remote, etc.) work in 5% increments instead of 1% increments.

19.0.54 (10/10/2013)

[Build was pulled due to not containing the latest code updates]

19.0.53 (10/8/2013)

1. Fixed: Deadlocks (beach-balls) could occur when viewing file lists with thumbnail images.
2. Fixed: 2XDSD was included in the drop-list for DSP / Output Format / Output Encoding even though it's only supported with ASIO on Windows.
3. Fixed: Genre field could be incorrect when imported from certain M4A format files with integer id3v1 genres.  In MC they would look like an '8' in parenthenses instead of "Jazz" for example.
4. Fixed: Handling of 32-bit integer input files was not working in the last few builds.
5. Fixed: Added support for MP4 files that used a custom genre atom in their tag, but stored a standard genre by putting a number in parenthesis.
6. Fixed: Double-click on the pause button while playing was not stopping.
7. Changed: Updated the Indonesian translation (Thanks elda).
8. Fixed: Fonts that used left or right overhangs could draw with the overhang portion cropped.
9. Fixed: The white-list for allowing system volume to work while bitstreaming was not working with some Resonessence Labs hardware.
10. Changed: Added the ability to use the token [User] in the playerbar to display the name of the current user.
11. Fixed: Customization to the playerbar would not always take effect right away.
12. NEW: Added 'Set levels from decibel meter' button to Room Correction to make it easier to calibrate levels.

19.0.49 (10/2/2013)

1. Fixed: Copying zone settings was causing crashes.
2. Fixed: In the JRiver folder under Application Support, an unnecessary "Generic" folder was getting created at program startup.
3. Fixed: A running instance of Media Center would prevent OSX from shutting down.
4. Fixed: Audio calibration tool was not available because the plugin 'in_audiotest' was not included with the build.
5. Fixed: Skin effects menu item was missing.
6. Fixed: Many non-applicable image/video items were still in the options dialog and some menus.

19.0.47 (9/27/2013)

1. Changed: Increased default internal audio buffer size and provide more user control over internal and hardware buffering.

19.0.46 (9/26/2013)

First build of MC19 for Mac.
1. Changed: Uses the Boost library for regular expressions which is more powerful than the previously used Posix library.

18.0.219 (9/26/2013)

1. Fixed: Radio buttons were not working.
2. Fixed: Locate > On Disk (external) was not working.
3. Fixed: If Media Center's window position got placed off the top of the screen, it could not be moved back into position.  Now a bad position is fixed at start-up time.

18.0.218 (9/11/2013)

1. Fixed: Files view in tree would not show any files when a folder name in the path contained a bracket character '[]'.
2. Fixed: Mute for system volume was not working.
3. NEW: Next/Previous keyboard media keys are now working.  When held down, they fire FastForward/Rewind events.
4. Fixed: Horizontal scroll direction was the opposite of the Mac 'Natural' scroll direction.
5. Changed: Web links bar is now available (Amazon, AMG, Wiki, etc.).
6. Fixed: Media Center was trying (and failing) to update at program startup. The startup check has been removed.

18.0.217 (9/9/2013)

1. Changed: When media files stored on network drives cannot be found (drive not mounted), files are no longer removed from library - just marked as unavailable.
2. Fixed: Thumbnail drawing could cause crashes on some Macs running 10.6.8 OSX (and maybe others?).
3. Changed: Re-enabled skin effects dialog since MMX functions have been rewritten to utilize SSE instructions.
4. Fixed: In Panes view, file path locations were not working as a panes category for browsing.

18.0.216 (9/5/2013)

1. Fixed: Automatic library backups were not taking place.
2. Fixed: Audio input configuration under: "Tools / Options / Audio / Advanced / Configure input plugin..."  was not working at all.
3. Fixed: System volume control was still not working with some USB DAC's (didn't make it into the last build).
4. Fixed: In Media Network options, Web Gizmo appearance option wasn't working.
5. Changed: Several options were being shown even though they didn't apply to the Mac version.

18.0.215 (8/29/2013)

1. Fixed: 'Tools' main menu option was not honoring the current file selection (would show 'No files selected').
2. Fixed: Cmd-Q now quits the application.
3. Fixed: On OSX 10.6, the Help menu was not working.
4. Fixed: Close & minimize buttons were located incorrectly in mini-view mode.
5. Fixed: System volume was not properly controlling the volume on some USB connected DAC's (i.e. Dragonfly).

18.0.214 (8/27/2013)

1. NEW: Moved application menu to the normal 'Mac' location at the top of the screen.  Still some skinning and positioning work to be done.

18.0.213 (8/21/2013)

1. Fixed: Right clicking in playback display window and choosing "Tag" would cause a crash.
2. Fixed: Filepath() was not functioning properly with user-supplied paths (e.g. filepath(//Users/johnt//foo.mp3)).
3. Fixed: Cover art in Action Window could not be copied to/from the clipboard.
4. Fixed: The "Export playlist" option to use relative paths was not working.
5. Fixed: Apparent z-order problem with auto-import results dialog: it would be invisible and cause the app to look hung.

18.0.212 (8/19/2013)

1. Changed: Improved skin looks more "Mac like".
2. Changed: Sharper text font drawing.
3. Fixed: Custom column sorting window would show up empty.
4. Fixed: MC could fail to load ID3 tag data in AIFF and WAVE files.
5. Fixed: Importing of mp4 files that had a copyright atom could cause MC to crash.

18.0.211 (7/24/2013)

1. Fixed: Semi-colon in path names could cause import to not work.
2. NEW: Audio files can be played from Finder.
3. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
4. Fixed: DLNA bug where SetNextAVTransportURI gets called at least once even when disabled.
5. Fixed: DLNA polling interval bug, reduce chatter.
6. Changed: DLNA handle bug from some renderers which mis-spell NOT_IMPLEMENTED!
7. Changed: Dutch language translation updated (thanks bennyd).

18.0.207 (7/3/2013)

1. Fixed: Mouse scroll wheel wasn't working on OSX 10.6 systems.
2. Fixed: On OSX 10.6 systems, it would appear to hang when trying to quit the program.
3. Fixed: Downloading files larger than 2GB could fail.
4. Changed: Tuned how the time remaining is reported in the Action Window during downloads (to work better with large downloads and to be more concise).
5. Fixed: Album and artist fields in "Podcast tag and file renaming rules" now work as expected.
6. Fixed: Ogg Vorbis now fills its compression field with "Ogg Vorbis".
7. Fixed: When converting some FLAC files to ogg, it will no longer tag as "ogv"

18.0.206 (6/28/2013)

1. Fixed: Bold and Italic modes chosen in font picking dialog did not get used.
2. Fixed: Font picking dialog did not initialize to the current font settings.
3. Fixed: Text was unreadable in disabled text edit fields.
4. Fixed: Once Cover View was selected, the top line of the display with the 'leave cover view' button was inaccessible so you couldn't exit cover view.

18.0.202 (6/24/2013)

1. Fixed: Some ALAC files (e.g. those produced by 'Sound Studio 3') were not playable because of a strange looking 'alac' mp4 atom.  We now ignore the strange data.
2. Fixed: Media Center was not honoring the typeface chosen in the font picking dialog.

18.0.201 (6/21/2013)

1. Fixed: Trackpad scrolling did not support the fine scrolling mode, so it was difficult to scroll to a particular item in a list.
2. Fixed: Web page titles on tabs were showing extraneous text.
3. NEW: Support for choosing text fonts using the Options dialog 'Select font...' item under Tree & View.
4. Fixed: Tag saving to APE files was not working (Mac only).
5. Changed: Switched the default audio buffering method to 'Hardware default' to work better with devices that don't properly support hardware buffer size changes (configurable in Options > Audio > Output mode settings...).
6. Fixed: Typing into the Search box could cause crashes when a MC Windows library had been transferred to Mac and it contained long field values (e.g. Lyrics field).
7. Changed: When a file has no Replay Gain, a Replay Gain of -10dB will be used if no other files in Playing Now are analyzed (otherwise the average of analyzed files is used).
John Thompson, JRiver Media Center


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Re: JRiver Media Center for Mac version 19.0.62 -- Available Here
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2013, 01:56:59 pm »

Hi, I have downloaded the new version for use with my MSB Analog DAC. I sent logging yesterday as integer mode was not working for this DAC.

I am attaching a few screen shots as I believe it is still not working, in fact oddly it is outputting 16 bits with padding. The outputs are slightly different for each format.

First is with integer not enabled for a 24/192 FlAC file

Second is with integer enabled, using a 24/192 FLAC file.

Third is a rebook 16/44.1 file with integer enabled.

Fourth is a DSD (DSF) file with integer enabled.

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Re: JRiver Media Center for Mac version 19.0.62 -- Available Here
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2013, 02:00:35 pm »

I'm getting the same thing with my MSB Tech Analog DAC. No integer playback with this version.


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Re: JRiver Media Center for Mac version 19.0.62 -- Available Here
« Reply #3 on: October 25, 2013, 02:07:21 pm »

Next build:
Fixed: Integer playback mode was not working correctly with devices that used padding.

We don't have a device to test, so testing appreciated.

We're going to try to put another build up shortly.
Matt Ashland, JRiver Media Center


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Re: JRiver Media Center for Mac version 19.0.62 -- Available Here
« Reply #4 on: October 25, 2013, 02:12:32 pm »

Awesome, thanks Matt! Fully understood, you couldn't possibly have one of everything! Though wouldn't that be nice...
Mac Mini (16Gb memory, 2.3GHz i7, SSD), Synology NAS, MSB Analog DAC, Tubes, Cables, DeVore O/96s
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