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Author Topic: XFCE Compositor and window transparency  (Read 3140 times)


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XFCE Compositor and window transparency
« on: November 26, 2013, 02:28:43 am »

I enabled compositor in XFCE window manager tweaks because it solves some issues for me and speeds some things up quite a bit. I also like the option to make inactive windows slightly transparent.

However, MC's main window goes transparent with tooltips, menu's and child windows. Aparently these are seen as "main" windows.

Other programs don't do this with the exception of Options/preference dialogs. they always seem to make their main program window transparent.

I'll add this to the buglist hopefully to be solved at some point  :P but in the meantime I was looking for a work around.

I've already disabled tooltips as they prevent keyboard and mouse operations while they display but cutoff values still display a tooltip. so I started looking at excluding applications or windows from the compositor transparency feature. If anyone has any ideas about this, please do share.

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