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Author Topic: Newbie - Would JRiver help me with library data?  (Read 1009 times)


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Newbie - Would JRiver help me with library data?
« on: January 05, 2014, 02:02:03 pm »

My questions may be super basic, and I apologize, but here goes. (I discovered JRiver today while Googling "is there something better than iTunes.")

Would switching from iTunes to JRiver help me with the following? Or are there other resources that would help?
1. When I import a CD into iTunes, I wish it would show the artist last name first.
2. And I wish it would not show so many variations like John Doe, John Doe Sextet, etc.
3. And i wish it could somehow download the side-persons who perform (okay I'm outed as a jazz lover).
4. And I wish it could locate more album covers, or maybe even the full album artwork and/or lyrics.

I've collected LPs and CDs all my life (I won't admit how long that's been other than to say I'm not the original purchaser of my 78s). I wish that the iTunes process bore more resemblance to the way I've maintained shelves and shelves of LPs and CDs in alphabetical order, sub-sorted by recording date.



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Re: Newbie - Would JRiver help me with library data?
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2014, 08:45:45 am »

I can't really answer the questions you asked. Every time I think I know something about Media Center it turns out there's more to understand.

What I will say is that the tagging and organizing capabilities of MC put those of iTunes to shame. If you are trying to replicate a familiar organizational structure related to the way you physically store discs, you can probably do it.

I have huge collections of 1. Jazz, 2. Tango, 3. Classical, and 4. Rock 'n Roll. I use different tagging and organizational structures for each of these, and have custom views tailored to each.

Try MC. The learning curve can be steep, but I've found it well worth the effort.

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