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Author Topic: How To Fix MC If It is Hanging or Crashing  (Read 6353 times)


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How To Fix MC If It is Hanging or Crashing
« on: January 19, 2014, 12:51:43 pm »

Media Center is usually a well-behaved application. Many users on Interact have it installed on a wide variety of known-stable hardware, and for most users it runs trouble-free with little needed system modification. However, MC is also a powerful application. It has a high-speed database at its core, that is custom designed to do what it does with the lowest possible latency. And, of course, it has a raft of options, some esoteric, and supports an immense amount of weirdo, high-end, often misbehaving, nerd hardware.

And, of course, it runs on a computer. Which is... Well, a computer. So it is subject to all of that regular stuff too.

So, unfortunately, sometimes everything doesn't go so smoothly.  If you are experiencing an issue such as crashing, hanging (intermittent or dead-locked), or stuttering playback, then this guide very likely contains the solution to your problems.  These are common troubleshooting steps that we'll use to help diagnose any related performance or crashing problem.  Some things could be a problem in Media Center itself, and if so, JRiver staff will try to track it down and fix it.  However, it only wastes everyone's time to hunt for bugs that turn out to be caused by something else.  I've written this guide to capture most of those kinds of general troubleshooting steps.

Before reporting a performance-related or crashing issue on Interact, please work through (at least) the First Steps in this guide to see if you are able to resolve your issue (or gather additional useful details).

Media Center Troubleshooting Guide

If you have any comments or feedback on the guide itself, please respond as a reply to the thread on the Windows board here.

If you are actually having an issue like this, though, please work through the first steps in the guide above, and then if needed, post about your issue in a new thread on Interact.  Replies to this thread that are requests for help with specific issues will be moved or deleted.
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