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Author Topic: JRiver Media Center 19.0.133-2 for Debian  (Read 1520 times)


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JRiver Media Center 19.0.133-2 for Debian
« on: May 12, 2014, 05:39:25 pm »

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19.0.133-2 (5/12/2014)

1. Change: Reverted from requirement for dynamic ssl and crypto libs added inadvertently in 19.0.133

19.0.133 (5/9/2014)

1. Changed: The font loads orders of magnitude faster.
2. Fixed. The maximum size calculated for the font characters were not being calculated properly at load time resulting in imprecise placement of elements in the MC window.

19.0.129-3 (4/22/2014)

1. Changed: libcurl system shared lib dependencies reduced.
2. Fixed: Internet reader timeout.

19.0.129 (4/21/2014)

1. Changed: libcurl integrated into the JRReader. Greatly reduces dependencies and uses a newer version of libcurl. Needs testing to see if anything is missing and to check compatibility with distro's (unsupported) other than debian wheezy.
2. Changed: xz compression on the .deb greatly reduces download size.

19.0.128 (4/15/2014)

1. NEW: System volume control and mute control if supported by the device (controls the PCM output). The mixer is discovered during audio device config (reselect your audio device to get it).

19.0.124-5 (3/27/2014)

1. Changed: More maximize/not maximized work.

19.0.124 (3/25/2014)

1. Fixed: Use 64 bit stat functions. Fixes problems using mounted windows (and CIFS NAS) filesystems. Probably also fixes other random file problems.
2. Fixed: Moving the main window works properly now.
3. Changed: Method of screen position saving restoring (again). Needs testing.
4. Fixed: Resizing works (as long as nothing is playing).
5. Fixed: Restores maximized/not maximized state upon start.

19.0.122 (3/14/2014)

1. Fixed: Remembers size and position on re-open. Needs testing on different platforms / window managers.
2. Changed: The method used to allow moving/resizing. Needs testing on different platforms / window managers.

19.0.121 (3/11/2014)

1. Fixed: Memory leak introduced in 19.0.119
2. NEW: WMA playback support.
3. Fixed: HTTP authorization tokens weren't being done properly, so that only one server authorization was stored at a time.
4. Changed: Timeout advanced to July 10th 2014.
5. Fixed: Internet reader, HTTP redirects were not handled properly.
6. NEW: Use backing store for windows if the server supports it (UI speed increase).
7. NEW: Mouse cursor changes (on click) for main window move/resize. Intend this to work on hover in the future.
8. Changed: More tweaking of the tooltip and transient window hints (need feedback).

19.0.119 (2/28/2014)

1. Fixed: Movement and resizing of MediaCenter works properly now.
2. Fixed: HTTP authentication was broken in build 19.0.118.

19.0.118 (2/21/2014)

1. Fixed: The linux network reader fixed to handle custom methods (needed for DLNA events).
2. Fixed: When acting as a DLNA renderer, wouldn't move on to the next track in a playlist properly.
3. Fixed: Tooltip windows to work better with more window managers. Still not transparent however.

19.0.117 (2/14/2014)

1. Fixed: Enabled filesystem statistics gathering function.
2. Fixed: Allow : in filename (was filtered out by windows code).
3. Fixed: Remove special treatment of UNC style paths (windows code).
4. Fixed: Remove special treatment of . in pathnames, i.e. foo./bar (windows code).
5. Fixed: The fixing of the documents path causes the automatic database backup to occur. (~/Documents/JRiver ....)

19.0.116 (2/10/2014)

1. Fixed: Prevent tooltips and transparent windows from stealing input focus. Fixes upper right corner search box.

19.0.115 (2/5/2014)

1. Changed: Completely reworked the linux ALSA audio output device control to be more efficient and reduce latency.
2: NEW: Allow advanced user control of the latency.

19.0.112 (1/30/2014)

1. Fixed: Stability improvements.
2. Changed: Moved timeout to April 9th 2014

19.0.109 (1/23/2014)

1. Fixed: Workaround a curl bug that could cause crashing on slow dns lookups.
2. Fixed: Window focus issues. Need feedback.

19.0.108 (1/21/2014)

1. Fixed: Stability improvements.

19.0.103-3 (1/14/2014)

1. Fixed: Stability improvements.

19.0.103-2 (1/13/2014)

1. Changed: Removed system requirement for libcrypto++ and libboost-regex.

19.0.103 (1/9/2014)

1. NEW: Implemented libboost for regular expressions to match the windows and mac versions.
2. Changed: More dependencies tuning.

19.0.102 (1/3/2014)

1. Changed: Bumped timeout to February 9th 2014
2. Changed: Package no longer depends on the various linux audio encoders to install, they are recommended but not required leaving it up to the user to install. These are Lame, Vorbis-tools, Musepack-tools. They can be 32 or 64 bit.

19.0.94 (12/16/2013)

1. Fixed: Bug introduced from the column header crash fix.

19.0.92 (12/11/2013)

1. New: Added Musepack (mpc) encoder (requires system musepack-tools).
2. Fixed: Pathname length for files increased from 260 to 4096.

19.0.91 (12/10/2013)

1. Changed: More shared library work (stability).
2. Changed: Now requires system libcrypto++9 (>= 5.6.1)
3. Fixed: MPC (Musepack) input plugin.

19.0.90 (12/9/2013)

1. Fixed: .deb pacakge dependencies will allow either i386 or amd64 versions of lame and vorbis-tool and un-arched xfonts.
2. Changed: Reliability in loading shared libraries, was causing problems when switching between audio formats during playback.

19.0.89 (12/6/2013)

1. New: Added OGG encoder.

19.0.88 (12/5/2013)

1. Fixed: OGG input plugin.

19.0.85-1 (12/3/2013)

1. Faster: Drawing from an internal image to the screen is much faster (requires 0 memory manipulations before draw; previously required two copies before draw).
2. Changed: More resolutions avaiable for the dynamic MC Icon.
3. Fixed: DLNA fixes from the main code.



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Re: JRiver Media Center 19.0.133-2 for Debian
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2014, 07:16:50 pm »

Segmentation fault has gone away.

I really hope there is a way to change the line spacing soon. It is way too wide.
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