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Author Topic: Media Center 19 quit unexpectedly.  (Read 3339 times)


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Media Center 19 quit unexpectedly.
« on: July 08, 2014, 11:17:27 pm »

When I run Analyze Audio for multiple tracks or albums, MC is suddenly quit then pop up window like subject.
"Media Center 19 quit unexpectedly."

Also It happens like in this way, suddenly analyzer percent value is frozen and then automatically quit then pop up
"Media Center 19 quit unexpectedly.".

Usually It happens when I analyze multiple(about over 10~) tracks or albums.

Moreover, When I use Configure auto import with Analyze Audio for audio files is checked for empty audio library, which also
results in "Media Center 19 quit unexpectedly"
then when I reopen JRiver, after some time pass(about 5~8second) results in "Media Center 19 quit unexpectedly"
to solve this, I deleted j river folder that is in /users/user's name/library/application support/j river. but after this, when I reinstall jriver then run it, jriver tell me that your trial period is over(expand trial is no help <--- this results in trial period is over too instantly)

Too solve this I must have format my drive.

Previous MC versions is no help(I tried it).

I attached a text log file, because exceeds the maximum allowed length.


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Re: Media Center 19 quit unexpectedly.
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2014, 08:55:47 am »

Sorry for the late reply on this.  We're running a bunch of audio analysis tests to see if we can reproduce the problem.  Is there any way you could narrow it down to a particular file or set of files that is causing the crash?  If so, you could send us the file (Dropbox?) and we could test here.  Thanks.
John Thompson, JRiver Media Center


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Re: Media Center 19 quit unexpectedly.
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2014, 02:05:34 am »

Might be completely unrelated, but I also have this quite often. I suspect that it might have to do with the fact that the files are on my network, and sometimes it just cant keep up.
(Actually, my files are on my NAS at home, and i connect through a VPN.. so 500kb/s is really quite slow.)

Reason why i suspect that this is the problem is that I have more crashes when I'm analyzing files while simultaneously listening to a high bitrate FLAC, as opposed to listening to a low-quality MP3.

Might be a red herring, but could be worth checking out?
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