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Author Topic: Media Jukebox 14.0.166 Amazon digital Music Service is not responding  (Read 2501 times)


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The Amazon Digital Music Service that I use to purchase digital music has changed in appearances, and in other ways that I am not

familiar with, or, nor do I have knowledge about, and their service, plug in is no longer working with Media Jukebox 14.0.166.  To start

off I can't even select the search bar with my mouse to start a search within the Amazon service, within Media Jukebox; the search

within Amazon is not responding.  I am not sure why that is. Is that unique to my PC?  If not, is there a work around for that problem? 

And also if I try to to instead just go to Amazon dot com within The Amazon the Digital music service using Mozilla Firefox to

download a song, I am able to search, but I am unable to find the song I wanted this morning being "Contact" by Van Halen.  I saw the

song there a couple days ago but not this morning.  I tried the recommended settings, and also did a search by date and a search by alphabetical

order to no success. I don't feel I need to purchase Media Center, I use a digital streaming service OK to watch a movie every now and again.  I

just want to be able to download music when I feel like it, and play it and or create my own music at times using the Lame encoder I

bought that is very helpful to me along side Audacity a free program, I use at times to record my own music, export it as an Mp3 file,

and the Lame Encoder helps by allowing me to enter personalized information into the song, especially if I want to copyright it, that

being if I feel like being creative.  The Cloud player is OK but I prefer Media Jukebox I like the program, its features that I am familiar

with.  I am very grateful to the person online that did recommend this program for an inexpensive, Mp3 Player, one that is not as

popular as some, that I once did use.  I am using Windows Vista 32 bit operating system.
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