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Author Topic: Moving and resizing issues  (Read 2071 times)


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Moving and resizing issues
« on: August 08, 2014, 01:26:21 pm »

I think I've finally figured out why we are seeing different behavior even when on the same platform/windows manager.
If one has a virtual desktop, there is something about when MC is not in the first screen that makes it get the mouse position wrong.
It seem that in the first screen everything is OK for me.
When I start in screen 2 3 or 4 it behaves ok to start with but if I leave that screen and come back it goes wacky.
Moving it to the first screen makes it behave OK again.

Can you all try this and let me know if you see the same?



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Re: Moving and resizing issues
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2014, 02:24:43 pm »

I tested three issues:

White screen until resized issues: I can confirm that with desktop composition enable on my system the white screen behavior doesn't happen when MC is opened on the first desktop, but does happen on the second desktop when MC is opened there after a desktop change (as you described).  The behavior also goes away when JRiver is moved to the first desktop. But that is only true if I have desktop composition enabled;  when composition is disabled (which it is by default on my system), I still get white screen behavior even when opening on the first screen.

Moving:  I have no issues moving any JRiver windows on any desktop screen.


1) Main window:
Mouse initiated resizing: Resizing the main MC window using the mouse doesn't usually work; I seem to have trouble getting the cursor to acknowledge that I'm at a boundary to engage resizing.  It doesn't matter if I try the bottom right corner or any other corner or edge.  It's basically one out of ten times that I get the necessary cursor change when at a boundary, which is not the behavior I see with any other windows (including JRiver child windows, like the one generated by tools>options).  These effects are independent of which numbered desktop I'm on.

Window manager initiated resizing: If I try to use the "resize" command from the window manager it works fine provided my mouse is already in the lower right hand corner and I execute the resize with a hotkey, but although it works, it seems to cause CPU spikes and strobing.  These effects are independent of which numbered desktop I'm on.  

Title bar buttons: The JRiver main window minimize/iconify window button works correctly, but the maximize window button does not work at all (no response when pressed). Using the window manager to maximize the main window (i.e. hotkeys or right clicking on the application in the application panel and maximizing that way) works correctly most of the time.

2) Child windows: All JRiver child windows work normally for resizing purposes (have a title bar, all buttons work, edge resizing works fine).

[Testing environment is XFCE using openbox as window manager on Arch Linux;  using Compton as my standalone compositor]


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Re: Moving and resizing issues
« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2014, 04:23:20 am »

Here are my results for the version 19.0.156 (I downgrade back to this version). No different between First and second virtual Desktop
In this version, the window does not get white in any action.

Mouse actions in the upper tool-bar:

Mid range: Left click mouse pointer becomes a cross -

Double click(Mid range):
Maximizes the window. The difference between old window and max is black. Next action --- The window is maximized
Simple left-click on Tool-bar - window goes back to its old size.

Hold and drag the mouse pointer :
after finish of the movement of the pointer, the window goes in the required position

upper toolbar: outside right and left

left click -> cursor changes to a double arrow
Hold and drag: it is possible to change the window size in each direction (width and height, but somewhat tricky)
the window resizes after releasing the mouse button.

via the menu in the Task Bar: The pointer is placed in the lower right corner (sometimes loses the focus)
for me this is the best way to resize the window.
Debian Testing x64 (multiarch) Xfce
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Re: Moving and resizing issues
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2014, 12:05:26 pm »

I did some testing on the latest Gnome 3 in Arch just to see;  everything works correctly on Gnome 3 on all desktops (moving, any type of resizing, and all child windows work).  The maximize button even works, which is surely some kind of cosmic irony (since MC is the only window with a maximize button in modern Gnome)  ;D

So it's increasingly looking like openbox (and/or XFCE) is the problem, which is a shame, because I won't be migrating to Gnome anytime soon.
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