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Author Topic: JRiver & Directstream dac with Bridge using ethernet ok?  (Read 857 times)


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JRiver & Directstream dac with Bridge using ethernet ok?
« on: January 10, 2015, 05:01:09 pm »

I've been using foobar for some time on my single-user desktop Win 8.1 audio system with different dacs because its simple structure has been sufficient to meet my needs. However, since getting a PS Audio Direcstream with a Bridge, and running an ethernet line to it from a router, I've had nothing but problems that seem to have foobar as the common thread. So I'd like to find out if JRiver is faring any better, in case it's now the time to switch.

The problem simply put is that music playing with foobar immediately stops, sometimes with a screeching hash, when streaming web video or media player video starts.  Since video streams set to run by default are common on the web (e.g., Yahoo, YouTube), it's much more annoying matter than than just pressing pause quickly, or not starting them myself.  And when this happens, getting the music going again on foobar often involves a lot more than just pressing stop and start.  Typically, these are Flash Player videos on the web and VLC or Zoom Player for playing files.  OTOH, with foobar not playing anything, if I start a video with, say, Zoom Player and then start a YouTube video, the audio on both is heard simultaneously without problem, just as if I were instead using USB from the computer (not that I run two more than momentarily).  So, whatever else may be involved, it seems like foobar is the common thread of the problem.

That leads me here to ask, how is JRiver faring with the Directstream/Bridge via ethernet on a multi-use computer, i.e., not just as a music server?  Thanks,
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