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Author Topic: when copying videos, image files don't duplicate, like they should  (Read 624 times)


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I occasionally obtain higher quality videos than what's in my library.  Once I tag them, and rename/move them to their 'final' location, the videos automatically get (1) added to the name, because they match the current, lower quality videos, but the thumbnails aren't treated the same.  I get a warning that the image file already exists, and do I want to replace, ignore or duplicate.  The filename it offers to rename to shows (2) added to it, instead of a (1), like I would expect.

I think MC should automatically match the file name with the updated name of the new, moved video.

As it happens now, if I replace the current image/thumbnail file, when I eventually delete the old, lower quality video, it removes the (only) thumbnail, and I have to reacquire the thumbnail for all these files.
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