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Author Topic: Zoneswitch problems  (Read 1004 times)


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Zoneswitch problems
« on: October 17, 2014, 12:30:44 pm »

Quote from: mwillems
It also appears the "stop on playback" zoneswitch rules don't work perfectly with WDM (i.e. they don't always successfully stop playback in the IPC zone).

I installed build 25 yesterday and gave the new WDM feature a try.  I added a "Windows" zone to the top of the list, and tried adding some "stop other zone" commands to the zone definitions.

My Windows Scheduled Tasks runs a batch file every morning:

mc20.exe /play "C:\blahblah.wav"
mc20.exe /append TREEPATH="Playlists\Smartlists\Morning"

This has worked flawlessly every morning for years (I've changed 18 to 19 to 20).

For the first time ever, this morning there was no sound - because it was playing in the Video Zone which was the last active zone last night (watching the local news & weather).

This is the same intermittent problem I've reported before.  (The .wav file is not in the Library.  As mentioned before I play plenty of files not in the Library, because they are temporary - a good example being last night's local news & weather.)

It is hard to pin down because it is intermittent, but at this point, I'm 90% sure that the problem goes away when I remove ALL "stop other zone" checkmarks.

I suspect that the bug is in the "stop other zone" code...
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