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Author Topic: 'Smart' TV & Gizmo DLNA Seeking  (Read 1522 times)


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'Smart' TV & Gizmo DLNA Seeking
« on: November 01, 2014, 05:44:10 pm »

Hi, I posted the following in the MC19 forum in August but got no response. I have now updated to MC20 and was hoping that maybe DLNA seeking would now be possible but alas it appears not.

I have recently bought a new LG smart TV for our bedroom and was amazed to find that it appeared in Gizmo as an available DLNA renderer. I had a Chromecast on the previous TV and the new one seems to do pretty much the same as the Chromecast did which is great.

There is only one thing that this does not seem to be able to do that the Chromecast did and that is seek forwards and backwards through video and audio files. Is this something that is not possible with DLNA or is it possible but just not implemented. Seeking worked fine on the Chromecast but I realise that is not a DLNA device.

If it is a case that it should be possible then I will add it as a feature request for MC20.

It's a real pain when you've watched something half way and you come back to watch the rest and you cannot get back to the point you left off. For this reason I've actually gone back to the Chromecast on this TV which is a shame.

As a test I have installed Serviio media server software and that does allow me to seek within a video when streaming it to my LG TV. I can drag the progress bar on the DMC to any position and the video playback on the DMR will go to that position and resume playback so at least I know it is technically possible. However it means running another piece of server software alongside MC and another client on my tablet whereas I would rather just use MC and Gizmo.

So basically, is there any particular reason that Gizmo cannot seek within a video when streaming to a DLNA renderer and is it something that could possibly be implemented in the future.

So basically, I am asking the same question and also asking if it would be possible to implement this facility to make it possible to seek forwards and backwards when playing to a DLNA renderer using Gizmo.

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