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Author Topic: Need remote library and DLNA behavior clarifications  (Read 1579 times)


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Need remote library and DLNA behavior clarifications
« on: November 02, 2014, 01:23:21 pm »


I need to understand why when MC on my laptop is connected to remote library MC (HTPC), I can't get the same DLNA playback features as when it's connected to local library.

My setup:
-1 laptop running Windows 8 MC 20.0.30
-1 htpc NUC+USB DAC running Debian MC 20.0.31

Both are DLNA server, controller and renderer.

Case 1 - MC (Windows) is playing from local library:
-I can play local file from my laptop to HTPC zone playback.
-I can link local zone to HTPC zone and playback will play fine.

However I can't get WDM driver playback working other than local zone.

Case 2- MC (Windows) is playing from remote library (HTPC):
-Local file won't play to HTPC zone. Instead it will play the last file in playlist. If "playing now" is empty then I get error message on MC Linux "The database entry for the selected files are missing or invalid."
-Playback with Linked zone between local zone and HTPC zone is broken. Playback starts localy then stop, start again then stop, etc... No output at all for HTPC

To make it work as intended, I need to run two mc instances on my laptop. One for each case. That occurs new problems with display options as I set startup>Location>Last Location

I know one MC instance can't play from 2 libraries as same time so...

Is there a way to setup MC to make DLNA playback working when playing from HTPC?

Thanks for help.

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