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Author Topic: import from device to build playlist?  (Read 912 times)

Bill Kearney

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import from device to build playlist?
« on: November 08, 2014, 11:44:27 am »

I suspect there's not a way to do this, but is it possible to build a playlist from a device? 

The scenario is I used the "send to device" to put a bunch of tracks on a kids MP3 player.  This feature works great.  Is there a way to 'reverse' the process but match the tracks back to those already in the database?  That is, not use the actual tracks on the device (as they were down-converted during the sync) but the source tracks already in the database.  I'm looking to re-sync the device but use different conversion settings.

In the future I'm going to use the "send to" to put the tracks on a playlist FIRST.  And then send that to the device, instead of to the device directly.  But meanwhile I've got 50+ tracks on the device and I really would rather not manually build it, again...
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