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Author Topic: Copy Tracks during an Import  (Read 1056 times)


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Copy Tracks during an Import
« on: December 06, 2014, 06:51:33 am »

Is there any way during an import to automatically copy audio files from a file's original folder to the folder listed in the audio File Location?  This is what I am trying to do and perhaps there is a different way to skin this cat:

I have my own Library shared to my partner's computer via Media Network and would rather she not have the ability to make any changes to that library (change views, delete files, add files- i would be ok if she could just add playlists and do little else).  If she wishes to manipulate files, create her own playlists, etc, she should copy my original tracks(files) to her own local library. What I am doing now is I have setup a Handheld which points to a folder on her computer and she can use "Send To" to push the files to that local folder.  Auto-import as configured for her own local library will than scan that folder and add those files to her local library. The problem is that then the Import folder becomes where all of her audio files are kept, meaning her local library is then subject to being modified as if it is a Handheld, and that seems like trouble.  It would be great if on import the files could get copied/moved from the import folder to her real music folder c:\users\username\music.

But perhaps I am going about this the wrong way?
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