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Author Topic: Feature Request: Quick folder audition/rejection  (Read 557 times)


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Feature Request: Quick folder audition/rejection
« on: December 13, 2014, 06:07:47 pm »


Here is a use case for quickly going through a bulk add of unknown music to look for keepers, and delete the rest.

1. Bulk copy a folder of music to sort through
2. create a smart playlist of "to review" to go through these (easily done now)
3. have some way to flag accept/reject on the song and optionally the release. (currently I do this by giving the song 1 star)
4. some way to skip to the next folder/release when release is flagged as rejected, or to next song when song is rejected (JRemote should support this as well. reject on release vs song could be a modifier like long press or left/right swipe in the rating)
5. Some way after quickly vetting the music to bulk delete the music flagged as rejected, or in my case 1 star. With the 1 star system, it may be possible with some kind of action? Is the rating embedded in the mp3 itself? If so it may be possible using a third party tool.

my 1-star system allows me to hide the 1-stars from playlists, but it doesn't delete the file, and doesn't help with the quickly moving on to the next folder to audition.

Please vote if you think this would be useful :)

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