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Author Topic: Feature request? Taskbar icon that shows when a Recording is in process  (Read 684 times)


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I don't know if this is a feature request - or if there is already an easy way to do this... But I would like to be able to easily/quickly tell if there is a program currently being recorded.
I think a taskbar icon (maybe the MC icon showing in "red" while recording, etc.) would be very useful. My Server computer (with the TV Tuners) does not typically have MC running, so it takes me a lot of steps to see what is going on with regards to TV recording.

I find that there are many times I need to reboot my Server (maintenance, updates, tweaks, and troubleshooting) but when I do so, I end up having to cancel a recording or cancel the reboot. I do a lot of OTA recording now, so the time-window to actually reboot without interfering with a recording in process is continuously getting smaller.

So if I want to reboot, I currently have to "open/start" the MC program, go to "Devices & Drives">Television>TV Options>Advanced>Show Status and read the status of each Tuner.  If something is recording, I know to wait before rebooting.

I would be nice to just quickly look at the Taskbar to see if a program is recording -- or -- if the Taskbar change is too hard, perhaps the "TV Show Status" selection could be moved up a few levels (i.e. Television>Show Status) to cut the number of steps in half.

Thanks for considering.

EDIT: Okay. I discovered there is a quicker way to view things - I can open/start MC, go to "Devises & Drives", open "Television", and click on "Recordings". If something is recording it says so under "size column". So this cuts out two steps.  However, I would still love to see the taskbar icon so this status.  Maybe someone has even a better way to do this.
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