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Author Topic: Pono Music World 20.0.50 for Windows -- Available Here  (Read 3627 times)


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Pono Music World 20.0.50 for Windows -- Available Here
« on: December 23, 2014, 06:51:14 pm »

This is the latest version of MC20.  Please post bugs here.  Please start a new thread for anything requiring discussion.  Non-bug posts will be deleted.


20.0.50 (12/23/2014)

1. Changed: More informative message in the case of download failures.
2. Fixed: In format conversion dialog, if a target directory was specified along with multiple levels, the converted file ended up in the wrong folder.
3. Fixed: In format conversion dialog, if a target directory was entered that did not exist or was not writable, the conversion would fail without a helpful message.
4. Changed: PDT-180 - Changed: "Open URL" removed from file menu.
5. Changed: PDT-241 - Better messaging when firmware download is complete.
6. Changed: PDT-242 - An Eject button now appears on the Firmware update action window after the download completes.
7. Changed: PDT-243 - Change the default browser engine to Chromium on Windows XP and Vista.
8. Changed: PDT-244 - Update the application header logo.
9. Changed: PDT-245 - Change the text that appears when a firmware update fails due to insufficient disk space.
10. Fixed: DLNA serving of Ogg, MP3, MP4 files with conversion to uncompressed wave would fail on some devices because of an incorrect transcoded length value.

20.0.43 (12/5/2014)

1. Fixed: Automatic recognition of PonoPlayer was not always reliable, especially if there was a long delay before user clicked the 'transfer files' button on it.
2. Changed: More informative status text in the firmware download action window.

20.0.42 (12/4/2014)

1. Changed: Check for orders at program startup will only occur if PMW already has username and password stored.
2. Fixed: If download process was canceled by user and then restarted later in the same program run, the list would still show the canceled tracks above the currently downloading ones.
3. Changed: Improved store login flow and messaging.
4. Fixed: If PonoMusic Store item in left-hand tree-view was clicked while already selected, the web browser could become disconnected from the player.
5. Fixed: Converting an audio file would carry the Pono authenticated status with it.
6. Changed: Only formats supported by Pono will be listed in the encoder choices.
7. Fixed: The program could become quite slow and unresponsive during file transfers to the PonoPlayer device.
8. NEW: The "Eject" button in the handheld transfer action window blinks for up to 30 seconds following file transfer completion.
9. Changed: We now use the "" call to get the sessionid and the soap web service url.  Removes need for hard coded web service endpoint.

20.0.40 (11/24/2014)

1. Changed: PDT-226 - Store entry in left-hand view is now titled 'PonoMusic Store'.
2. Changed: PMW now always downloads a track, even if a file for the same track already exists on the disk.  It appends a copy number to the end of the filename.
3. Changed: PMW now checks and updates to the latest build right away at program startup rather than over a period of a day or two.
4. Fixed: Tracks that hadn't completed downloading could sometimes be transferred to the PonoPlayer and fail in the process (e.g. if playlist "Recently imported" was selected for auto-sync).
5. NEW: PDT-227 - PMW now checks for open orders at startup time.  The process is silent unless open orders are found.

John Thompson, JRiver Media Center
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