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Author Topic: Can I import FLAC files and will they behave like wav files in 2.0  (Read 737 times)


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I am using version 18. I am ready to upgrade if I can get some assurance about FLAC files. Here's the situation.

I have downloaded FLAC files for the Led Zeppelin 1 and 2 albums. I can play one file at a time by using the File>Open Media File method. But this is tedious. The folder that holds the FLAC files is in the same sub folder as other artist albums. So the import (as far as I can tell) does not work for FLAC files. Is this true?

I looked in the options for Imports, but there was no option for adding FLAC files.

Will upgrading to 20 remedy this situation?


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Re: Can I import FLAC files and will they behave like wav files in 2.0
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2014, 01:42:17 am »

You can import Flac files in MC 18 or MC 20.

You specify the file types to be imported from the Tools/Import menu command that you use to manually import files or to configure auto-import.

You will see the text "Import these file types" and below it the word "Audio".  Click on the ">"  symbol to the left of "Audio".  If the box beside "Flac" is not checked, check it.

Try manually importing the files first.  After you import some Flac files, MC will switch to the "Recently imported playlist.  Scroll down to the end to see the files just imported.  This will show you some tag values and perhaps the file name of the files mported. (The attributes shown can be customized.)

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