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Author Topic: External encoder not working for RIP'ing CDs  (Read 851 times)


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External encoder not working for RIP'ing CDs
« on: January 26, 2015, 10:26:36 am »

I primarily use the QAAC encoder for converting 24bit HD and 16bit FLAC music to AAC M4A files for iPod.  However, I've just noticed that it doesn't work for RIP'ing CDs.  The details window will show progression and then "failed", and the action window will flash "restarting external encoder" before trying to RIP the next track.  The secure log file will show:
Code: [Select]
Secure Rip Log created at 12:38:10  Monday, January 26, 2015 - Media Center 20.0.62

Speak of the Devil - John Abercrombie  >>> Drive e HL-DT-STDVDRWBD CA40N     Mode:ModeSecure  Type:IDE  Speed:2
Track  1: Secure rip, no re-tries. [Angel Food]
Track  2: Secure rip, no re-tries. [Now and Again]
Track  3: Secure rip, no re-tries. [Mahat]
Track  4: Secure rip canceled. [Chorale]
but no files will show up in the designated target directory.  If I employ one of the encoders built into MC it will work fine (e.g., lossless ALAC).

The specific encoder I'm using is QAAC (v.2.19) and with the settings:
Code: [Select]
--tvbr 111 -s %IN -o %OUTLike I said above, this works fine when converting--I have a feeling the output may not be interpreted correctly when the input is the CD drive(?)

EDIT:  Nevermind! ... the problem was apparently the RIP method was pointing at the wrong location for the encoder.  The progress I was seeing was the CD=>WAV convert before handing off to QAAC :)
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