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Author Topic: DSP Studio Presets Not Loading  (Read 1870 times)


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DSP Studio Presets Not Loading
« on: January 31, 2015, 04:34:47 pm »

Title says it all.

When I try to load DSP Studio presets, MC gives me a "Not loaded" message.

For those that can access it, I reported this basic problem back in August 2014.
There's also this post that's public that's up the same alley:
Got nowhere, so I thought I'd try again. Unfortunately, it's still going nowhere for me. I would really appreciate some assistance to help me work out whether I'm doing something really daft or whether MC has a glitch somewhere.

Here's a blow by blow of how things track for me, starting from a clean slate where I deleted previous presets.

Software used - MC20.0.64 for Windows.

Steps taken:
  Tools > Options > ... DSP & output format ... > ... configure DSP ... > Load/Save > Save... > "Preset Name" > X (exit from DSP Studio) > OK (exit from Options)

I've set up 2 presets around Adaptive Volume:
"Normal" Peak Level Normalise
"Night" Night Mode

I went in the long way (as above) and exited out each time. I also fully shut down MC (including the server) just in case that helped. I did this because I've been advised before to "click off" and then "click on" but didn't receive further explanation of that process. I still don't know what that specifically means, so I figured if I back totally out of the software and then go back in that's a pretty complete method.

So, going in the short way, I get the following:
Equaliser Icon > DSP Studio... > Load/Save > Load > "Preset Name" > Message: Not loaded

Going the long way achieves the same result.

To clear the "Not loaded" message, I click away from the menu in focus and when I go back to it there's been no change in the Adaptive Volume setting.

I did the above with logging enabled, so the log file is attached along with the benchmark and system info. Looking forward to functioning DSP presets..  ;)
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