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Author Topic: Play list and group "resume play"  (Read 899 times)


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Play list and group "resume play"
« on: February 05, 2015, 07:09:36 pm »

Sorry, I am not sure if this is the correct place to bring this topic up. But here goes anyway.

I am migrating from a mechanical system (bank of 12 CD changers) to MC20. With the old system when changing from one "genre" to another the system remembers the stopping point. So each time the user changes to a different genre, the system picks up at the stopping point.

My experience using this it great. For those with large audio collections which make up to very long play lists, it is nice to continue where one left off the last time. With only about 10% of my collection loaded now, I have lists that are over 7,000 tracks long. So is impossible to remember where I left off, the net result is only the music at the beginning is played.

Please can we add a feature similar to the option when launching the program that starts up at the last listening position. My suggestion is when opening up a group of list, have the option to automatically resume the playing position, or have a button to selection "resume play last selection".

Please, please, seriously consider this, I greatly miss this feature.

Keep up the good work, Regards, Harroun
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