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Author Topic: Is it possible to use Linux to serve SMB file shares, not local file location  (Read 1704 times)


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Are there plans to implement smb:// file locations?

Reason being I'm trying to set my Ubuntu file server, running smb shares, up as my library server.

Fired it up, imported the files all good.

Connect to the library on Windows and (as you'd expect) the file location /media/Movies/Movies/Bobby/Bobby.avi (the file location on my file server, which MC has imported) doesn't exist.
Also, if I try to connect from a linux client, unless I have the network drives mounted to the same locations on my local machine, they won't work on that either.

Am I being dense? Am I missing something? Is there a way to overcome this?

Thanks in advance for any help.



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Just to confirm, your ubuntu box is running samba shares, and your windows box can see the files in file explorer?
But with your linux mc20 acting as server and your windows mc20 as client, and your windows mc20 can't play the files?
Definitely something wrong as this is exactly my setup.
xubuntu lts 14.04 32 bit, running mc22.0.36 as anything later doesn't work properly over vnc. using linux mc22 as media server to windows mc22 last version / jremote on ipad.
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You don't actually need file access on a library client; the server will serve the media.  It's less efficient than if the client has direct file access, but I can confirm that it all works fine without file access on the clients.

It sounds as though maybe you're not using library server, but are instead trying to maintain separate libraries on all the clients, but pointed at the same files?
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