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Author Topic: Photo browsing coming to a halt  (Read 732 times)


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Photo browsing coming to a halt
« on: February 14, 2015, 11:17:05 pm »

I'm usually not that impatient but the following issue seems to have gotten worse. Maybe it's just me, but I have to wonder what normal expectations should be:

- browse a thumbnails view with a lot of images, say over 50000
- most are JPG, some are TIF; TIFs are big (over 100MB)
- images are on a local normal HDD, MC database on a local SSD
- about 10% of the images have thumbnails
- MC 20.0.70

Drag the slider to scroll down. At the first images without thumbnails the program gets to - it freezes, and frozen it remains. The issues is compounded if the encountered images without thumbnails are big tifs. Nothing happens any click anywhere would bring up the dialog if I want to crash-close the app or wait. Sometimes the wait is 30 seconds, sometimes maybe more. I can tell MC is building thumbnails like on a rampage, via Resource Monitor - Disk (Media center 20.exe process). I do not get to see how it builds them one by one, it usually comes back with a (new) page of images with thumbnails; keep scrolling past it, the freeze repeats.

So my questions are: why MC doesn't show images without thumbnails and catch up as it builds them, but still let the user use the interface? Is it because everything is bundled to the same, single process that controls the interface? There is no better way? Thanks for any insight.
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