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Author Topic: JRiver Media Center 20.0.124 for Debian  (Read 6162 times)


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JRiver Media Center 20.0.124 for Debian
« on: July 13, 2015, 05:38:13 pm » (also in the latest MC apt repository)

20.0.124 (7/13/2015)

1. Fixed: The focus fix from 20.0.123 was incomplete and was preventing the DSP studio (amongst others) from showing properly on hover.
2. Changed: All MC windows are class hinted properly now.

20.0.123 (6/23/2015)

1. Fixed: MC will no longer take focus from other apps on state transitions (unless MC has the mouse cursor).
2. Fixed: Ratings in the Purity Skin.

20.0.122 (6/16/2015)

1. Changed: Changes from the main branch.

20.0.114 (5/29/2015)

1. Changed: Changes from the main branch.

20.0.110 (5/15/2015)

1. Fixed: Font height calculation.
2. New: Unifont selection on Jessie uses a newer font string.
3. Changed: For AMD64 and ARM builds moved the fonts from recommended to depends.
4. NEW: ARM build requires a license now (linux or master), permanent timeout removed.
5. Fixed: Linux MC as renderer couldn't play wave files before they had finished transcoding.
6. Fixed: Linux MC registration via the in player dialog box was randomly failing.
7. Changed: One more tweak to window placement settings.

20.0.108 (5/12/2015)

1. Changed: Updated the FFmpeg version used for file analysis, transcoding and video playback.
2. NEW: Full support for native DTS-HD decoding.
3. Fixed: ALAC file support on ARM platforms.
4. Fixed: Freezing on completion of playback of a video item. Most often happened when media network was busy.
5: Changed: UI work. Initial window positioning and hinting to try to handle different Desktop managers.

20.0.95 (4/17/2015)

1. Changed: Full screen startup to allow non-full screen.
2. NEW: Support of old (version < 3.92) APE files.
3. Changed: More UI startup changes. Switching to and from mini skin changed.

1. Changed: alsacap utility displays individual supported sample rates instead of a range.
2. Changed: Main window startup code to eliminate some glitches.
3. Changed: In /mediaserver mode, the main window is minimized after startup.

20.0.88 (3/30/2015)

1. Fixed: Build 84 broke transcoding to mp3 (as well as ogg and mpc) which would show up in a variety of places including playback to Gizmo and JRemote.

20.0.84 (3/17/2015)

1. Fixed: Multi-threaded video encoding is properly supported.
2. Fixed: When receiving a HUP signal MC was waiting on a event to process resulting in an unnecessary delay in shutdown.
3. Fixed: Multichannel DSD wrapped by DoPE was overflowing the buffer resulting in noise or crashes.
4. Fixed: If an event is received for a window which has been destroyed, don't act on the event.

20.0.80 (3/2/2015)

1. Changed: Updated the FFmpeg version used for file analysis, transcoding and video playback.
2. Changed: Many internal changes. Look for regressions. This will also be available in the "latest" apt repository.

20.0.74 (2/20/2015)

1. Changed: A massive number of internal changes. If you want to help with debugging it'd be nice to try this (we are looking for regressions). Otherwise stick with build 70 for now.  This is also available in the "latest" apt repository.

20.0.70 (2/13/2015)

1. Fixed: Aspect Ratio was not correct when transcoding video.
2. Fixed: When syncing files to a mass storage based handheld device forward slashes within artist or album names would cause the destination path to be wrong.

20.0.66 (2/6/2015)

1. Fixed: Playing AC3/CUE files could cause the player to hang on track switch.
2. Fixed: Video files with a single-quote in their name could not be imported properly.
3. NEW: Video Transcoding in MC and through MCWS/DLNA.

20.0.64 (1/29/2015)

1. Fixed: Crashing on the second open of the audio device settings. The change to fix this is likely to eliminate other mysterious crashes and the intermittent segfault on exit.
2. Fixed: SACD iso playback broken in 20.0.57.
3. Fixed: Avoid importing images.

20.0.63 (1/27/2015)

1. Changed: When both a Linux and a Master license are installed, Media Center now shows the installed license type as Master.
2. Fixed: Point to Point network interfaces (i.e. vpn) caused a crash.
3. Changed: Main screen, more linux like mouse cursors.
4. Fixed: For opening hypertext menu links, require at least one of the desktop specific Open Desktop Standard utilities to be present in the package dependencies.

20.0.61 (1/22/2015)

1. Fixed: When spectrum analyzer stopped it was still redrawing on the screen causing unnecessary cpu usage.
2. Fixed: Master license details.

20.0.58 (1/20/2015)

1. NEW: Selecting audio streams in Video files.
2. NEW: Chapter selection in the OSD and context menus for videos.
3. Fixed: Freezing at the end of .ac3 audio tracks.
4. NEW: Accepts Master license.

20.0.57 (1/16/2015)

1. Fixed: DSP Studio presets could not be saved/loaded/deleted.
2. Changed: Internal coding changes to satisfy GCC. Ideally this will do away with some difficult to reproduce bugs.
3. Changed: Desktop file. On Unity systems this will make all of MC's windows to show up at the same Icon in the bar.

20.0.54 (1/8/2015)

1. Changed: Newly created windows should always be in the foreground now.
2. Changes from the mainstream. Note that if you are using client side volume leveling over DLNA and are using MC on multiple platforms, all builds need to be >=20.0.52 for this to continue to work.

20.0.50 (12/19/2014)

1. Fixed: Mouse pointer changes on hover over actions work now (like resize, change split, etc).

20.0.49 (12/16/2014)

1. Changed: Upgraded to cURL library 7.39
2. Fixed: Numeric keypad characters that were being ignored.
3. Fixed: GUI, disabling input in background windows.
4. Changed: GUI, greatly increased speed in operations inside of MC's windows. Fixes playlist lists, reduces CPU usage.
5. Fixed: Convert format when changing the destination path.

20.0.46 (12/05/2014) (Changes from the main branch)

20.0.43 (11/25/2014) (Changes from the main branch)

1. Fixed: Clearing "Now playing" from a remote will not pop up a confirmation box now.

20.0.42 (11/21/2014) (Changes from the main branch)

1. Fixed: DLNA: MC as renderer, when receiving a SetNextAVtransportURI, MC was allowing the playlist to grow beyond 2 items which is incorrect. This caused playlist sync issues.
2. Fixed: DLNA: MC as controller, fix bug in event send when changing playlist position 1.
3. Fixed: DLNA: MC as controller timing issue, make sure the first track is playing (for at least 5 seconds) before doing the SetNextAVTransportURI function.
4. Fixed: DLNA: MC as controller, when playlist position current +1 changes send a new SetNextAVTransportURI to devices that support it.
5. Fixed: The change from 20.0.31 (Back out library server hiding when the library is empty introduced in 19.0.71) missed the library server visibility (it was showing the DLNA servers).

20.0.33 (11/10/2014)

1. NEW: Support for thumbnail grabbing from video files.
2. Changed: Matrix height correction when using gnu unifont (it's got a bug in it's size specification).
3. Changed: For SSL network operations, use TLSv1 instead of SSLv3.
4. NEW: Support for Shorten and Opus audio playback using the new JR playback engine (using FFmpeg).

20.0.31-1 (11/1/2014)

1. There was something off about that last upload build (version number was wrong for one). Replaced with 20.0.31-1

20.0.31 (10/31/2014)

1. Happy Halloween  ;) Just changes from the main branch.

20.0.27 (10/24/2014)

1. Fixed: Filesystem character problems in Rename, Move and Copy files.
2. Changed: Added hinting to window creation to try to get the window manager to move and resize windows in larger increments.
3. Fixed: CPU usage, especially during the drawing of the Spectrum Analyzer during playback, bug introduced in 20.0.22

20.0.25 (10/16/2014)

1. Changed: More UI changes. Extra desktop hinting on window, title bar and icon creation. Suspend desktop hinting when moving or resizing the root window. Attempt to fix initial window placement issue. Needs testing.

20.0.23 (10/13/2014)

1. Changed: More UI changes. Needs testing.

20.0.22 (10/9/2014)

1. Fixed: Video Playback crashed on stop when playing from a library server.
2. NEW: If using the system volume control and there is no mixer for the PCM device, we'll fall back to using the Master mixer for the device.
3. Changed: UI fixes. Startup position and position of popup windows should be stable now. This includes the controls in fullscreen video mode.

20.0.20 (10/2/2014)

1. Fixed: https protocol broken in 20.0.18
2. Changed: Switched to gnutls from openssl for https support because of a bug in the openssl static libs that prevented some websites certificates from being verified (i.e. twitter)

20.0.18 (9/26/2014)

1. Fixed: JRWorker segfaulting occasionally prevented some file types from being recognized.
2. Fixed: MediaCenter also occasionally segfaulted on exit.

20.0.17 (9/19/2014)

1. NEW: Implemented the file "locate" function.
2. Fixed: Menu items that open a URL in a browser.
3. Fixed: Disabled menu items unsupported on linux.
4. Fixed: Default for managing links changed to external browser.
5. Changed: possibly more ability to play Internet streams. Needs testing.

20.0.16 (9/16/2014)

1. Fixed: Series and Season cover art downloaded to the wrong folders.
2. NEW: Video playback supports playing from a library server.
3. Fixed: scrobbling.

20.0.15 (9/12/2014)

1. Fixed: Fullscreen video playback is functional.
2. Changed: The video renderer uses VSYNC if available in the graphics driver.

20.0.13 (9/8/2014)

1. Fixed: Corrected the latency calculation for the ALSA output.
2. NEW: Video support.



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Re: JRiver Media Center 20.0.124 for Debian
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2015, 12:18:22 pm »

Hi, if I use the context menu to add a cover image to a file (so, right click on album, select cover art, select "add from file"), then the "select image file" window appears behind the 2 context menus.
regards, Robert
xubuntu lts 14.04 32 bit, running mc22.0.36 as anything later doesn't work properly over vnc. using linux mc22 as media server to windows mc22 last version / jremote on ipad.
I am the owner / sole admin for ("fan" site for Cyrus Audio hifi)
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