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Author Topic: Playlists revert back to previous number of songs after a while  (Read 698 times)


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Playlists revert back to previous number of songs after a while
« on: February 28, 2015, 12:11:34 pm »

I have two computers that are almost identical, one my personal computer and the other a media center. The file structure and files (at least with regards to music) are identical. I have been running these computers the same way since JRiver ver 18, and until version 20 it worked fine. Since upgrading to 20, not so much. I tend to download or rip new music to my personal computer, and add the music to playlists etc there. I then copy the new music files over to the same location on the media center computer and do a backup of the JRiver library on my personal computer and then restore the library backup on the media computer. Everything looks great for a few minutes. The new songs are there and they are added to playlists just like on my personal computer. But after a few minutes, the playlists that had been modified revert back to their previous state. If I go to audio and artists or albums, the new music is there and plays fine, but the changes I made to the playlists are gone. Everything is still fine on my personal computer. All changes there remain intact, but the changes do not hold on the media computer. Any Ideas?
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