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Author Topic: Pressing stop twice on remote problem  (Read 703 times)


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Pressing stop twice on remote problem
« on: May 16, 2015, 02:53:34 pm »

OK, so recently, I changed my remote control (IR remote) so that when I press the back button, it will actually send a stop command, and then back.  This was to ensure that my family didn't press pause on live TV, and then back, which would keep a tuner running, as well as hammer my drives with data.

Problem is that this is just like pressing stop twice in a row, which will reset the bookmark on the file, so if I stop a movie in the middle, press stop, then press back, this is like sending stop, stop, then back.

What I am hoping for is to add another command to the back button on the remote, so in the above scenario, it would be, stop, something, stop, back.

I am just not sure what to send as the 'something' that won't interfere with some other aspect of theater view. 

Any ideas?  I use event ghost, so literally any command that I can do on a keyboard, I can send (or a MCC command as well).

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