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Author Topic: Methods to view extra images stored with the audio files  (Read 700 times)


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Methods to view extra images stored with the audio files
« on: May 26, 2015, 09:24:02 am »

I am new to MC and I am trying to show all the extra images and files that are saved in the same folder as the audio tracks.  Searching through all the posts I can find I see posts that go back many years that don't appear to be supported by the current version of MC.  What I have stumbled across once I have selected the album I want to listen to is to right click the track and select Locate > On Disc (Media Centre).
This brings up a Tree view on the left side and a more expansive view on the right side that shows all the extra files in the folder, it also has a tick box for (sub folders).  Double clicking the first jpg file makes it full screen and tapping the right arrow key indexes through any other jpg,s that are there, PERFECT.    The problem is you have to go through the steps of Right Click, Locate > On Disc (Media Centre) to see if there are any extra pictures or info available. If there are not you then navigate back to the normal MC view or stay where you are and return to standard view later.

The question is, can I get this functionality of seeing the extra files listed under the music tracks by default in the normal configurable views that MC offers.

Perhaps there is an even better way of doing it.

Many thanks

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