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Author Topic: Feature Request: Create a playlist of problem files e.g. failed tag updates  (Read 702 times)


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When importing a large number of files, or modifying them, sometimes there are failures. When the number of files you're working on is huge, the number of failures is greater than what casual inspection alone can meaningfully handle. I'd like a "Make playlist from failed files" option in the details dialog. Currently the dialog has to be dismissed before you can do anything else with MC, and that means you lose the list of the very files that were being drawn to your attention.
With a created playlist, you can inspect the files at your leisure and perhaps figure out what they have in common, e.g. ripped on a certain date, or in a read-only folder etc.
I know it's probably impossible with failed imports, because the files - by definition - are not in one's library. However for tag-saving errors, this would be a valuable feature IMO.
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